Best things to do in Cape Town

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Cape Town is a city that has booming activities going on every day. If you are wondering how you could use your free time, below are the most common things that one can engage in while in this heart of South Africa.

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1. Visit the Table Mountain

Hiking has never been tedious. Once you are in Cape Town, you can choose to hike up the table mountain through the Platteklip Gorge. The viewpoints are worth an explore, and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset as you catch the last cable car.

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2. Learn surfing

The stoked school of surf is ready to offer you an unforgettable experience while learning how to surf. The coaches are at on call to be sure of your safety.


3. Volunteer at lion sanctuary

If you are an environment enthusiast, this task is crucial for you. Spend a week or two taking care of lions that cannot be released to the wild yet. The dedicated team has several activities, and your contribution will be highly appreciated.

4. Enjoy the beach

Allow the sunrays to kiss your skin at the Camps Bay as well as Clifton beaches. They are some of the Cape Town attractions that every visitor should drop off.

cape town beach

5. Volunteer with the endangered African penguins

Give a hand in reclaiming African penguins that are in danger of extinction at SANCCOB rehabilitation center.


6. Visit the Two Oceans Aquarium

Nature is breathtaking. Watch more than 3000 sea creatures enjoy their time in the waters.

Primary shark tank

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7. Paddle with Kayaks

Take a morning paddle with the professional guides from the three-anchor bay as you enjoy the beautiful features of Cape Town as well as dolphins among other marine creatures.


8. Skydiving

Go skydiving and enjoy the fantastic aerial view of Cape Town. If you are afraid of heights, you can tag your partner along and enjoy the moment.

south-africa skydiving

9. Go shopping in Greenmarket square

If you are looking for the best place to get souvenirs, Greenmarket Square should be your stopover. It also trades crafts and souvenirs with an African theme.


10. Visit the Robben Island

Robben Island is where the former South African president, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years which was part of his 27 years jail term that made him a legend because of fighting for his country’s independence.

Robben Island

11. Relax at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

This garden is full of life, and you cannot outlook the ear-pleasing bird chirps. There are uncountable species of plants that are just beautiful to explore.

Cape Town, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

12. Hop on and hop off

The hop on and hop off bus ride is the best and easiest way to visit this city. Places you can visit with this tour bus include; table mountain, camps bay, V&A Waterfront and Green Point.

13. Visit district six

This museum is dense with the history of the torturer’s life subjected to the black people during the apartheid.

14. Drink in the long street vibe

Enjoy your favorite drinks at the various bars and pubs found on this street.


15. Enjoy a fishy dish

Cape Town’s chefs are very competitive. Burst your taste buds with professionally made tuna at the shores of South Africa. Prawns are also available for those who want to explore seafood.


16. Get the crispy Italian pizza

You don’t know the real meaning of finger licking pizza if you haven’t tried this Italian pizza at Hout Bay and Seapoint. Get your hunger calmed down in the sweetest way you will ever experience.


17. Visit Constantia Valley

South Africa is known for its high-quality wines. This valley has wineries, and you will enjoy every second of your stay as you learn the history of the oldest vineyard popularly known as Groot Constantia.


18. The Bo-Kaap

Let your eyes have a treat of a lifetime in this breathtaking neighborhood. Its residents were the slaves brought from Indonesia, Malaysia as well as other African countries.


19. Shark Cage Diving

It’s an ultimate adventure that you can’t afford to miss while in Cape Town.


20. Ballooning

Hot air ballooning in Cape Town is usually seasonal, taking place only in summer from October to end of March.


Don’t you think Cape Town has all you need for an unforgettable experience? Unleash your diving skills, skydiving tactics and enjoy hiking in different places. Make Cape town your city of choice to get a wonderful time.


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