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Zanzibar tours – 13 most stunning things to do in Zanzibar


Stone Town Tour – World Heritage site One of the popular destinations in Zanzibar, it is one of the ancient Arab colonies. The Zanzibar tour starts with Central Market, Stone… Read more >

These 10 Reasons Will Make You Want to Visit Stone Town, Zanzibar Right Away

Zanzibar Stone Town

Stone Town in Zanzibar is also called Mij Mkongwe, which is the Swahili term that means Old Town. It definitely deserves its name as it is the city’s oldest part…. Read more >

Top 32 things to do, see and visit in Dar es Salaam

Tanzania Safari Dar_es_salaam_harbour

Dar Es Salaam is Tanzania’s biggest and most persuasive city. Notwithstanding, Mount Kilimanjaro, the northern circuit of African natural life and the Zanzibar island, are the causes why numerous sightseers that… Read more >

Nairobi’s Top Attractions – 24 Amazing Adventures in Nairobi


Nairobi is considered as one of the most vibrant cities in Africa and its sophisticated beauty, delicious cuisine, and cultural wealth will immediately spike your interest for this city. It… Read more >

Zanzibar Travel Guide – The magical tropical spice island of Zanzibar

Zanzibar tour zanzibar travel guide beach

White sandy beaches, a turquoise-blue sea and in the air the mysterious smell of the spice plantations – all this is Zanzibar, the magic Spice Island off the east coast… Read more >

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