There are so many reasons to love Africa, and no number of trip is ever enough

Morocco, Africa


Africa is the huge continent containing various parts which offer different tourism perks. Before finalizing anything it is the first step to decide the whole trip and the places you want to visit. Every part of Africa offers something very interesting and different the North African areas are more towards the desert activities and they have the places like Morocco and Egypt which are majorly deserts. The Desert safari can be enjoyed in these areas however the locals can plan their short breaks to visit these places. Camel ride and Sand driving are the major activities of this place. Egypt is more a historic country due to that it is remarkably visited by the people having interest in the ancient monuments.

Egypt, Africa

The east Africa is famous for the animal migration and contains many wild reserves and safari parks. Thousands of animal activities can be watched very closely. Different types of lions, cheetahs, elephant, birds, wildebeest and many types of birds can be found here. The continent offers almost everything and can gain the interest of the people having every kind of taste. Nightlife, beach, shopping centers, markets, historical buildings and amusement parks are there to give exceptional entertainment to their visitors. The lovely extended beaches like Mombasa and Zanzibar are luxurious and fun filled. They have resorts and hotels where the stay along the beach side can be managed. Accommodation is easily available in entire Africa where as to interact with people a guide may be needed.

East Africa national parks, Elefants, Kilimanjaro

The very ancient city keeping the heritage of Africa is the Stone town that contains the markets, historical buildings, mosques and many other monuments. It is well preserved and faced minor changes in its traditions from the last 200 years. It is basically at the Zanzibar beach due to that many tourists can be encountered here. It also offers the water activities and the serenity of the shore of Indian Ocean can be enjoyed with the beautiful sunset. Accommodation is available in the stone city as well that is more budget friendly than going for a resort or hotel.

zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

Cape Town is the most photogenic and enjoyable beach that is popular among the natives because of its wine. It stands among the most preferred locations for the photographers due to its table mountain, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Cape-town, South Africa, Africa

The main cities of east Africa have many worth visiting places among them Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali and Dar es Salaam are widely visited.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

Nairobi has many places to be visited and the liveliest experience is the Mamba village that is the orphanage for many animals. You can enjoy the wonderful experience of many baby animals and even can feed and hold them.

Giraffe, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

West Africa is more like an island containing fresh sea breeze. This part contains Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia which portrays the typical life and heritage of African culture. Travelling lovers can really pick their back packs to enjoy all these places during the short breaks in the tourism season. They can manage the trip very easily if they select the most reasonable option by using services to compare low cost flights in Africa.

Woman, Gambia, Africa

Fisherman Mosque, Africa

Airlines offering cheap flights

Airlines offer low cost air travel from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam and from Dar es Salaam to Kampala or Johannesburg. They provide various packages for the early bookings. However some of the flights are encouraged to visit different cities at once by stopping for some time.  The next destination can be pre defined to increase convenience of the trip. The people travelling in Africa from one place to other can easily define the pattern of their destinations to choose the flights according to the domestic flights schedule.

Low cost airline flying throughout Africa

For the international travelers, it is also convenient to get the flight from any major airport around Africa. The largest airlines of the world arrive at the African airports and depart from here. The services and budgets of every airline are different. However the cheap flights to South Africa are more common because safari lovers frequently visit this area. The Cheap flights from cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg or Nairobi can be acquired to go to European and Asian countries or  to America. They are offered on cheap rates likewise the cheap flights from Chicago, Paris, London and many other places can be had to reach Africa. The international flights connect Africa to every continent and country in the world.
No matter how much money you have but if you manage it in a better way you can enjoy more. There are several things should be kept in thoughts while planning the trips not only to Africa but for anywhere.

Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa

  • Plan you trip almost twenty days before departing
  • Do reservations at least two weeks ago because the charges becomes low
  • For the domestic flights – search, compare cheap low cost airlines in Africa like FastJet, Mango, Jambojet, Kulula  or Fly540.
  • Before leaving make a proper budget for the entire trip to grab more perks at every place.
  • Keep in mind that for the safari and wild reserves the fuel charges and entrance fees are also charged.
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