Things to Do in Boa Vista
Travelling to Boa Vista, Cape Verde?
Kitesurfing, whale watching, hiking, big game fishing, snorkeling, bike tour and quad biking: things to do in Boa Vista that may surprise you
Essaouira tours and activities
Essaouira tours and activities
Why you must visit Essaouira, a beautiful Moroccan city located along the Atlantic coast...
Harare City Tours
Harare City Tours
Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe which have impressive resort areas and with plenty things to do...
Diving in Zanzibar
Diving in Zanzibar
Where are the best dive sites in Zanzibar?
Climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
This majestic mountain is the tallest mountain on the African continent and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Located within the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, this mountain stands over 5, 895 meters tall...
Horseback Tours in Johannesburg
Horseback Tours in Johannesburg, South Africa
Have you ever thought of how romantic it would be to take your partner on a horseback ride into the sunset?
Zanzibar Tours
Zanzibar’s 13 most stunning activities & things to do
Winelands Tours Cape Town
Winelands Tours in South Africa
If you have never been on a winelands tours – you are missing out! Winery tours have so much more to offer. From incredible wines, to stunning wineries, and unrivalled beauty of the valleys...
Stone Town Zanzibar
These 10 Reasons Will Make You Want to Visit Stone Town, Zanzibar Right Away
Named in 2000 as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stone Town is famous for its rich combination of cultural heritage of Arab, Indian, European, and Persian elements...
Things to do in Johannesburg
Africa's most visited city in the Mastercard Global...
Cape Town, South Africa, by night
Best things to do in Cape Town
Cape Town is among the world's top ten best cities to visit...
Dar es Salaam
Top 32 things to do in Dar es Salaam
Experience the sights, sounds, and flavors...
24 Top Attractions in Nairobi
Nairobi is considered as one of the most vibrant cities in Africa and its sophisticated beauty, delicious cuisine, and cultural wealth...
Exploring Kenya's National Parks
Exploring Kenya's National Parks
Attractions in Dubai
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Dubai
Is this your first time in Dubai? There are so many amazing places to see in Dubai...
10 great things to do in Marrakech
Marrakech is an imperial city and still remains the most popular city that tourists visit in the Maghreb...

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These 10 Reasons Will Make You Want to Visit Stone Town, Zanzibar Right Away

Zanzibar Stone Town

Stone Town in Zanzibar is also called Mij Mkongwe, which is the Swahili term that means Old Town. It definitely deserves its name as it is the city’s oldest part…. Read more >

Things to do in Johannesburg

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Top 32 things to do, see and visit in Dar es Salaam


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Nairobi’s Top Attractions – 24 Amazing Adventures in Nairobi


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Zanzibar Travel Guide – The magical tropical spice island of Zanzibar

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White sandy beaches, a turquoise-blue sea and in the air the mysterious smell of the spice plantations – all this is Zanzibar, the magic Spice Island off the east coast… Read more >

South Africa Travel Guide

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Kenya’s National Parks – Highlight of various National parks

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Kenya’s National Parks Kenya is a world popular destination to many travelers coming to Africa. For anyone intending to visit Kenya, a visit to any of our National parks and… Read more >

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