Best Restaurants in Mauritius – 10 Top Places to Eat

Deer Hunter Restaurant

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Mauritius

If you are a foodie, there is no rejection that you will be right at home in Mauritius. Indeed, this island is particularly famous for its delightful cuisine that combines elements from around planet. It would not be shocking if you get Asian and European cuisine in the extremely same meal. So versatile is Mauritian cuisine! Best of all, you will forever have your pick when it comes to pick best restaurants Mauritius since the island has fair share of snacks, cafes, small-scale, bars, family-owned as well as gourmet restaurant. Check out our selection of the top 10 best restaurants in Mauritius:

Here we highlight the top 10 best restaurants in Mauritius 2020:

1) Maison Eureka

Located in Moka, the Maison Eureka hotel placed at the back La Maison Creole, a grand home which has been changed into a museum dedicated to Creole customs. The hotel provides a range of historical and cultural trips all through the island, as well as eco adventures and tours to nature reserves, whilst the food served at the eponymous restaurant evokes the cooking traditional of these multicultural isles. Enjoy a Mauritian tea, flavored with mint, vanilla, and lemon, in these wonderful gardens before dining comes highly advised, as does the restaurant rougaille, a thick mildly spicy tomato sauce cooked with garlic, onions, coconut chutney and thyme.

Photo: Courtesy Of Maison Eureka / Facebook

2) Safran Restaurant

Featuring a perfect dining ambiance, and real Indian cuisine, Safran is one of the top Indian best restaurants in Mauritius. If you are looking for Indian real vegetable restaurant in Mauritius then reserve your table at Safran to relish the real Indian as well as Mauritian taste in a contemporary open kitchen setting, overlooking the Hibiscus Bay. The dome styled room with wooden ceiling, flaunting the intricate patterns and designs is a big highlight of this location.

Photo: Courtesy Of Safran Restaurant / Facebook

3) Domaine Anna Restaurant

Since opening in 2002, Domaine Anna has fast established itself as one of the essential stops on any culinary trip of Mauritius. Targeting on the Chinese gastronomic traditions which have made such a impact of Mauritian food, Domaine Anna restaurant makes traditional Chinese flavors and dishes, often to beguiling and shocking effect. The self-taught chef Hang Leaug Pah hang is clearly an iconoclast of the kitchen, as his dishes change conventional Chinese cooking whilst remaining real to the roots of the cuisine. The place of the best restaurants in Mauritius 2020 is another part of its appeal, as diners eat in gazebos on the lakes, providing the experience a truly tropical feel.

Photo: Courtesy Of Domaine Anna Restaurant / Facebook

4) Rasoi by Vineet

Indian culture has had a big influence in Mauritius, with immigrants coming to the isles for many centuries and forming a well-established community. Rasoi by Vineet reminds that history by celebrating the contemporary Indian cuisine of Vineet Bhatia. Set on the coast, the best vegetarian restaurants Mauritius provides amazing views of Mauritius, with the sugar cane laden mountains. Rasoi by Vineet highlights the idyllic place by providing bespoke chill out music, and an open wood fired oven make to make a multi-sensory experience. The menu specs a big range of contemporary interpretations of Indian dishes, and diners are advise to try the Tasting menu to experience the biggest possible range of Vineets creations.

Photo: Courtesy Of Rasoi by Vineet

5) Château Mon Désir

Famous as the perfect dining hub of Mauritius, Chateau Mon Desir is a plush best restaurants in Mauritius 2020. Exploring the ruins of Balaclava, and river of Citron, it is one of the few restaurants in country which are famous for their special wine cellar, and tasty Sunday brunch. Book a table here to experience luxury at its best, during your tour to Mauritius. The ambience has classic royal feel to it, making it a best place for romantic dinners or family dinners.

Photo: Courtesy Of Château Mon Désir / Restaurant

6) Le Capitaine

Placed in the visitor hub of Grand Baie, in the north of Mauritius, Le Capitaine is famous across the Island for its exquisitely fresh seafood and wonderful views of the Indian Ocean. Actually, this best restaurants in Mauritius with a view is set right alongside the beach, which just serves to improve the full air of freshness that lingers in the air. Bursting with colours and tastes, this restaurant bursts into life at night, where domestics and visitors all over the island mingle over ice-cold tapas and cocktails.

Photo: Courtesy Of Le Capitaine / Restaurant

8) Deer Hunter

A dynamic and rustic celebration of traditional Mauritian cuisine awaits diners at Deer Hunter, which provides sumptuous domestic dishes in a bucolic surrounding. Chef Rajesh Payanadee is clearly thrill about the traditional Mauritian cooking, and attempts to share his passion with visitors by changing the classics of Creole cuisine into perfect dining master classes. Dishes such as saffron-infused rice, chili cakes and lobster with coriander are infused with taste mixtures which are particular to Mauritius, with an emphasis on zest, spice and freshness all through.

Photo: Courtesy Of Deer Hunter

9) Miss Daisy Bistrot

Placed in the town of Rose-Hill, in the heart of the island, Miss Daisy Bistrot promises a delectable homely taste. With a menu that changes every day, this particular establishment is also famous for its highly affordable prices. While the daily changing menu generally sports traditional local dishes such as lamb curry with salad and rice, the best restaurants in Mauritius 2020 also serves international fares such as burgers, fries, pan fried fillet of dorado fish served with gratin and chips, and much more. To help you beat the notorious Mauritian heat, Miss Daisy Bistrot also serves up house made ice teas.
Additionally, the best restaurants Mauritius is famous for its big selection of homemade cakes, such as carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, lemon poppyseed cupcake with strawberry, vanilla and rose macarons, bubblegum and many more.

Photo: Courtesy Of Miss Daisy Bistrot / Restaurant

10) Roti Aka Vinoda

This little best restaurants Mauritius first opened its doors in a food court in Port Louis and has fast risen in popularity thanks its newly made flatbread served with piping warm chicken, vegetarian, fish or lamb curries. After its fast success, Roti Aka Vinoda opened its door right on the Flic en Flac beach. It is extremely easily distinguishable from the long lines of people waiting for a couple of big-size flatbeds which they can enjoy right there by the water’s edge. The top thing about this restaurant is that the flatbreads are made fresh in front of you and while they may contribute to the waiting time, most patrons do agree that it is actually value the wait.

7) Restaurant Le Chamarel

Set high up in the mountain ranges of Black River is Le Chamarel restaurant. The location has everything to please any person who wants to enjoy a sunny Al Fresco lunch with wonderful views of the sparkling lagoon. Bordered by lush green forest that houses wild beer, rare birds and monkeys, Le Chamarel restaurant is indeed conceived to provide a special dining experience. This restaurant is also famous for its amazing aromatic coffee sourced from its own plantation. With an ability of 125, restaurant Le Chamarel also provides the perfect setting for private parties.

Their menu is pretty diverse, with dishes that range in prices. Anyway, while Le Chamarel restaurant is open for lunch every day, it is just open for dinner upon request. It specailises in fish, Mauritian, seafood as well as Western dishes.

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