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Best Restaurants in Mombasa

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa, Kenya is a best spot for food lovers as an outcome of its range of amazing best restaurants in Mombasa with special taste delights. The city prides itself on its dining culture, and its boasts a big range of restaurants that covers a range of cuisines such as Italian, Indian, Chinese and the traditional Swahili cuisine. Check out our selection of the top 10 best restaurants in Mombasa, Kenya:

Mombasa also serves as the springboard of several expert chefs and culinary staff. With its nearness to the Indian Ocean, it offers the culinary experts with fresh and standard ingredients, which they use in preparing tasty meals.

Here are the 10 best restaurants in Mombasa, Kenya 2020:

Restaurants in Mombasa

1) Tamarind Restaurant & Dhow

The best restaurants in Mombasa has a menu with Asian, French and African inspired dishes, centered on fresh, domestically sourced seafood.

Vegetarians and carnivores will also find dishes to match their needs. The best restaurants Mombasa and dhow offer what will undoubtedly be the most romantic dining experience, whether for dinner or lunch. The dhow cruise experience comes with live fun and lots of area to get your groove on.

Tamarind Restaurant & Dhow - Restaurants in Mombasa
Photo: Courtesy Of Tamarind Restaurant & Dhow

2) Thalassa Restaurant & Lounge

Placed just off the Nyali Bridge and on the embankment of the creek, Thalassa best restaurants Mombasa & lounge is managed by the Honorary Consuel of France, in Mombasa. Apart from the views, the lounge and restaurant provides an intimate and relaxing ambiance. The predominantly French cuisine has dishes infused with Kenyan species, which offer an authentic domestic flair. For a more casual affair, visit the Pizza Garden or just soak in the ambiance at the bar with a Shisha.

Thalassa Restaurant & Lounge - Restaurants in Mombasa
Photo: Courtesy Of Thalassa Restaurant & Lounge / Facebook

3) Arturo’s

Adjacent to a crocodile farm, Arturo’s makes it amazingly simple to immerse yourself in the ambiance of the stylish best restaurants in Mombasa 2020 area and forget your scaly neighbors. Known to have been explained by Italian expats not only the best Italian restaurant in the full of Kenya, but the best restaurants in Mombasa with a view outside of Italy, Arturo menu provides a slice of Europe in the heart of Africa. The menu veers away from a focus on pasta and pizza, replicating other regional delicacies such as minestrone, carpaccio, and large, flavorsome salads. That said, if you crave a skillfully prepared, crispy based margarita with lots of creamy mozzarella and a rich tomato sauce, Arturo is the location to be.


4) Jahazi Coffee House

After a visit to Fort Jesus, you can go to the Old Town, you will come upon the Jahazi Coffee House, set in a restored building and providing traditional Swahili dishes, in an area that serves as community learning center, with resources such as art, library, and historical pieces.

Traditional Swahili snacks such as halwa (a sweet confection), mahamari (savory fried bread), bhajia and samosas accompany the list of traditionally prepared tea and Kahawa. For a more substantial meal, pulaos and biryanis are accessible on the menu, where you can also pre-order a buffet meal, that will spec an ensemble of Swahili dishes.

Jahazi Coffee House - Restaurants in Mombasa
Photo: Courtesy Of Jahazi Coffee House / Facebook

5) Mombasa Lighthouse

The Mombasa Lighthouse is a place, rather than an actual best outdoor restaurants in Mombasa. Set on a cliff, the long drive to the lighthouse and the port of Mombasa specs a number of parking spots, which permit for vehicles and their passengers to stop and gaze at passing waves and ships of the Indian Ocean. Here, a number of vendors sell freshly fried cassava chips, along with sweetcorn, grilled cassava, and sweet potatoes, that can all be washed down with the juice of a tender coconut.

Mombasa Lighthouse
Photo: Courtesy Of https://bit.ly/34XjKLC

6) Galaxy Chinese Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic chow mein, noodles, or rice that does not come mechanically paired with a Kenyan fish curry, then Galaxy Chinese should be high on your list of locations to visit. As well as the favorite Chinese culinary exports such as black bean beef and chow mein, Galaxy also offers gourmet Chinese Cuisine such as rightly cooked, homemade pancakes, fragrant crispy duck with light, and thick plum sauce. Garlic chicken and ginger crab are also domestically famous, providing a welcome substitute to the hearty piece general to the surrounding place.

Galaxy Chinese Restaurant - Restaurants in Mombasa
Photo: Courtesy Of Baobab Resort

7) La Marina

La Marina prepares rightly cooked seafood right on the beach. Best for a magical evening by the water, this particular Mombasa favorite oozes romances, providing the chance to depart from the beach and take a ride in the best restaurants in Mombasa 2020 dhow, the traditional Arab sailing vessel. Setting off at sunset, the La Marina permits diners to enjoy fresh prawns pan-fried in garlic or grilled swordfish with tasty vegetables, while gazing out over the remarkable, theatrical backdrop of the sprawling Kenyan coastline. For an extra touch of luxury, order a champagne cruise for you and a dear one, or celebrate an anniversary with a group of friends.

 La Marina - Restaurants in Mombasa
Photo: Courtesy Of La Marina / Facebook

8) Thalassa

Thalassa best restaurants Mombasa is domestically favored for its private pool and amazing panoramic views of the winding Tudor Creek, providing a best place to relax in the tropical, warm climate. French Chef Etienne prepares a sumptuous menu that changes according to the seasons, typically featuring swirls of Italian fettuccine, vibrant basil tartlets and warm vegetables curries as well as a selection of charming buttery lobsters steamed to perfection and fine meat cuts. Placed less than 5 minute drive away from Mombasa town, Thalasa is a well-placed retreat to shrug off the concerns of the day and turn your focus to la carte dining with a sea view.

Photo: Courtesy Of Thalassa / Facebook

9) Shehnai Restaurant

The interior of the best vegetarian restaurants Mombasa is quite basic with chairs and tables arranged in clusters. This does not detract from the standard of food served. They provide authentic Indian cuisines that are tasty and spicy. They also provide amazing vegetarian-friendly choices and well-prepared barbecues. Enjoy stir-fried minced mutton with slices of boiled egg or oriental spices or enjoy succulent, fresh prawns cooked in coconut cream or packed with almonds. The restaurant itself is ornate without becoming austere, with top-backed wooden chairs and intricately designed tablecloths.

Shehnai Restaurant
Photo: Courtesy Of Shehnai Restaurant / Facebook

10) Yuls Aquadrom

Placed on the beachfront at Bamburi Beach, the best restaurants in Mombasa provides wonderful views over the Indian Ocean. Yuls is renowned for its pizza as much as it is for its homemade gelatos. Apart from the Italian inspired pasta and pizzas, the menu specs a range of freshly grille seafood. To work up an appetite, you can rent a jet ski and enjoy on the sea or just relax with a cocktail, at their beachside bar.

Yuls Aquadrom - Restaurants in Mombasa
Photo: Courtesy Of Yuls Aquadrom Restaurant

End words

Mombasa is a remarkable city for food, you will find a multitude of locations to eat providing a big range of foods ranging from to a variety of traditional and local dishes. Local restaurants serve spicy samosa, curries, fish, fried chicken, chips and among many more.
Mombasa has a big Indian community, so there are many best vegetarian restaurants Mombasa and no vegetarian Indian cuisine.

Exists also a big range of international restaurants which serve Chinese, British, Indian, Korean, Turkish, Italian cuisine and many more.

Treat yourself to a wonderful culinary journey at one of Mombasa best restaurants. We would love to hear from you, so share your experience with us or let us know if you have anything to include to the list.

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