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Marble Restaurants Johannesburg

The top 15 best restaurants in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg’s restaurant scene is a thriving one. From tasty Africa spots to genuine Italian trattorias and Asian fine dining, you will find your tasty cuisine all through the city. With the new restaurants popping up and old favorites offering amazing dishes, you can spend your full tour dining out in Johannesburg. So, find a best restaurants Johannesburg, South Africa and set out to savor the city. Check out our selection of the top 15 best restaurants in Johannesburg, South Africa:

Best restaurants Johannesburg

Here are top 15 best restaurants in Johannesburg, South Africa 2020:

1) Marble

Marble restaurant is the location to be seen in Johannesburg. The brainchild of entrepreneur Gary Kyriacou and Chef David Higgs, Marble opened to much anticipation and did not let down in the slightest. The best restaurants in Johannesburg with a view takes live-fire cooking to inspired and elegant heights, with a menu that is somewhat of a journey, boasting tastes ranging from complex Mediterranean inspirations to Argentinian barbeque grills and light Thai infusions. All this is conjured up using domestic and seasonal ingredients.

Marble restaurant - Best Restaurants Johannesburg
Photo: Courtesy Of Marble restaurant / Facebook

2) Moyo Melrose Arch

A wonderful and special African dining experience, Moyo Melrose Arch is where you go to celebrate African beauty, art, cuisine and soulful music. This multi-level new restaurant provides you the choice of dining al fresco or within one of their many themed rooms. Enjoy a big range of menu complete the South African favorite meals, classic African dishes made with a twist, like the Maputo chicken peri peri, and a unique menu for kids, featuring Chubby chicken sliders.

Moyo Melrose Arch Restaurants Johannesburg
Photo: Courtesy Of Moyo

3) Kong

Kong gathers the delicate tastes of Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines, offering special Asian tastes and mouth-watering meals in best restaurants in Johannesburg 2020. From relax foods to sushi, ultra-trendy Kong make sure a stress-free night out, which they take above and beyond with their customer service by providing a shuttle service that will pick you up from your hotel and take your house after you meal.

4) Amarcord Italian Food

Locals cannot get enough and visitors who eat at Amarcord Italian food say that will definitely come again and again, clearly making this a must-visit best restaurants Johannesburg. The owners, Mario and Luciana, are Italian and have been in business for more than twenty-five years. They know how to handle themselves in the kitchen, and you will discover that with each savory bite of their made-on place pastas and other authentic Italian dishes.

Amarcord Italian Food
Photo: Courtesy Of joburg.co.za

5) Tasha Cafe

In Nelson Mandela Square, you will find now the freshly loved tasha Cafe, which is all about the details, from the food to the decoration. They have taken the time to make this cafe one of the top looking and best tasting ones in the place. So when you need a cup of cappuccino before the day of sightseeing or a tasty light meal in between your museum visitors, stop by tashas to get your fix. The menu specs a plethora of international items, but the desserts and coffee are the cafes specialty.

Tasha Cafe Nelson Mandela Square Restaurants Johannesburg
Photo: Courtesy Of Tasha Nelson Mandela Square
Tasha Cafe Mall of Africa
Photo: Courtesy Of Tasha Cafe Mall of Africa

6) Winehouse at Ten Bompas

Looking for one of the best restaurants in Johannesburg? Winehouse restaurant provides two amazing dining areas; the tastefully designed dining room or the open-air terrace overlooking a manicured garden. Led by Chef Johannes de Brujin, the team makes perfect dishes that taste as best as they look, if not better. Winehouse is actually one of the best outdoor restaurants in Johannesburg in terms of service. The eatery is one of the most best restaurants in Johannesburg 2020 with its charming wine cellar and intimate dining areas.

Winehouse at Ten Bompas - Restaurants Johannesburg
Photo: Courtesy Of Winehouse at Ten Bompas

7) Casalinga Ristorante Italiano

The stand out spec of Casalinga Ristorante Italiano is perhaps its remarkable environment. The setting is charming with a patio overlooking extensive well-manicured gardens. The menu is pretty restricted, but the food is taste. Some of the dishes on the menu contain Seared fillet of Lime-fish, backed with either prawn sauce or lemon butter and pan-fried chicken breasts with capers, Artichokes, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms. Casalinga friendly staff offer provide, successful service that makes it one of the best restaurants in Johannesburg.

8) Est Est Alea

Est Est Alea Johannesburg provides a pretty unconventional dining experience. The kitchen serve thirty guests at a time, so a reservation is essential. The lucky thirty are then presented with a pre-fixed, ten course tasting menu, which is slowly revealed dish after dish over the course of no less than 3 hours. Such a peculiar format arises from the owners idea of dining as a community-building occasion, a spark to ignite talk to community. Est Est Alea menu is replaced monthly and takes influences from the famous international cuisines.

9) Five Hundred

At Five Hundred, cookery is creativity. Part of luxurious Saxon hotel Johannesburg’s, this best dining restaurant sweeps gourmet off their feet with a big variety of carefully superb and tasty dishes, prepared with fresh, domestic items, some sourced directly from the hotels own vegetable garden. Highlights from the fixed 4 or 6 course menu contain the scrumptious impala loin with pumpkin seeds, ginger beer and sweet potatoes, or the roasted moonfish with dried courgette and lemon thyme. For the top experience, book the private dining room and watch on while Five Hundred gifted chefs prepare your meal under your longing eyes.

 Five Hundred - Restaurants Johannesburg
Photo: Courtesy Of Saxon hotel

10) Koi

Pick Koi for a tasty Asian dinner in best restaurants Johannesburg. With two places in the city, in Rosebank and Sandton, and another twin in Cape Town and Pretoria, Koi is famous for a surprising fusion of Chinese and Japanese cuisine with influence inspired by Western fare. The Koi restaurant combine Oriental allure with the layout of a fast-food dinner, managing to accommodate its different customers while still maintaining a lovely ambiance. Koi outlets are largely regarded as some of the top spots in Johannesburg to flavor the great sushi; and Rosebank Koi, in particular, boasts a delightful outdoor lounge for a remarkable al fresco dining experience.

Photo: Courtesy Of Koi

11) Tasha

Tasha is a well-known chain of 10 eateries placed throughout South Africa established by professional restaurateur Natasha Sideris, a household name in the Rainbow Nations cooking industry. All Tasha cafe provides a big range of simple but tasty and fresh bites (sandwiches, salads, omelettes, tramezzini, quesadillas), which makes them a best choice for a relaxing lunch or brunch. One of the fundamental elements on which Tasha idea is based is that each store should have its own spirit and style. This describes why every cafe in the chain is specially decorated – the branch in Johannesburg’s Rosebank specs a beige to brown palette, looks hanging from the ceiling on a quaint, long wood table and more usually a delightful and relaxing ambiance. Really a pretty gem of a cafe in Johannesburg.

Tasha Rosebank
Photo: Courtesy Of Tasha Rosebank

12) Wombles

There is a juicy, fine line connecting Johannesburg steakhouse Wombles and the African country of Zimbabwe. Wombles owners hail from Zimbabwe, and so does the standard, tasty beef meat that they serve their patrons in finger-locking dishes and flavor portions. Customers can make their pick a tantalizing gamut of 11 different cuts of meat, which come to the table with a romantic touch – decoration of colorful pansies. Housed in a stately villa, the best restaurants in Johannesburg dining rooms, featuring opulent furnishings and arresting red walls, recreates bygone aura of Colonial times.

Wombles - Restaurants Johannesburg
Photo: Courtesy Of Wombles

13) Mottee Bar and Restaurant

This bar and restaurant has recently undergone a bit of change in terms of its menu and full approach. The cocktails on offer are now based on different processes/textures occurring in nature (burnt, smooth etc) have been amazingly crafted by a professional team of mixologists for your fun. The food menu is quite limited, so this is more of a place to have a drink, enjoying a bit of people watching in the center of Melville. What is on offer in terms of food, has an extremely powerful links to South African culture and you should not be shocked by the inclusion of a bunny chow to the menu. With a open air alley seating and rooftop deck, this place is well value a visit (especially in the hot months).

Mottee Bar and Restaurant
Photo: Courtesy Of Mottee Bar and Restaurant / instagram

14) Nice on 4th

Nice is one of the best breakfast/brunch places in Jozi, perfectly tucked away within the bustling suburb of Parkhurst. They have a combination of healthy, some style choices with a few options on the menu that will pretty much make sure you are never going to reach your goal weight (the bacon bread basket and egg is one tasty example of this). Dessert choices came in the form of meringue and a range of cakes. Active wear on Saturday morning is well-known and to be honest, that is perfectly ok.

Photo: Courtesy Of Nice on 4th / Facebook

15) Epicure

Multi-prize winning Chef Coco Reinarhz eatery is inspired by Africa as a whole. Even breakfast gets an amazing African spin, with dishes such as Tunisian-style shakshuka (roasted and tomato pepper paste), baked eggs with Algerian-style merguez lamb sausage. There are also sharing plates with tasty names like Hunters Reward (South African-style grilled venison lion with sweet potato wedges and biltong butter) and Dukkah Delight (Roasted aubergine baba ganoush and Egyptian dukkah-spiced beef rib-eye with bulgur wheat). Sit back and flavor the continent.

Photo: Courtesy Of Epicure / Facebook

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