Best Restaurants in Dubai – 19 Top Places to Eat

Best Restaurants in Dubai

Top 19 Best Restaurants in Dubai

When it comes to food, Dubai is almost too amazing to imagine. There are best restaurants in Dubai serving virtually every national cuisine from around the planet, including many specializing in Dubai’s own Arabic delights. Dubai does not have its own Michelin Guide, but instead it imports restaurants or chef chains that was previous recognized elsewhere. Each restaurant here is not just somewhere to eat, but a place for amazing decoration, remarkable views an d unforgettable culinary experience.

Best Restaurants in Dubai

International and Asian food delights, breathtaking views of the skyline of Dubai, and on-board entertainment – Dhow Dinner Cruise is a complete package of pleasure for you. Soak up the romantic ambience of the traditional style Dhow boat as it moves farther from the land and lets you enjoy a panoramic view of the luminous city.

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab

Here are some of the best restaurants in Dubai:

1) Level 43 Sky Lounge

This open-air restro bar and restaurant is one of the top places for a romantic dinner in Dinner. It is perched 115 meters in the air in the impressive Sheraton Hotel and provides a charming view of the Jumeirah coastline.
Adding to all of its jazz, Level 43 sky lounge also has women’s night, jazz music and happy hours that makes it a happening location to be. Indulge in its remarkable treats and cocktails for a plush and fun night out.

Level 43 Sky Lounge Best Restaurants in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy Of Level 43 Sky Lounge Bar and Restaurant /

2) Dhow Dinner Cruise In Dubai Marina

Asian and internal food delights, wonderful views of the skyline of Dubai, and on-board fun – Dhow Dinner Cruise is a full package of fun for you. Soak up the romantic ambience of the old style Dhow boat as it moves farther from the land and let you enjoy a stunning view of the luminous city.

Pick your favourites from the amazingly spread out buffet, and feast on the scrumptious food served to you on-board along with cultural dance performance on best restaurants in Dubai.

Dhow Dinner Cruise In Dubai Marina

3) Dubai Creek Dinner Cruise

Dubai creek dinner cruise is the most enjoyable and wonderful dining experience you can ever have in Dubai, that provides the chance to taste yummy food while sailing on the calm water of Dubai Creek. In terms of both deliciousness and hospitality of the food, there is no match for this experience that provides you a twin experience of sightseeing as well as dining.

Dubai Creek Dinner Cruise - Best Restaurants in Dubai

4) Amaseena

This one is placed at the Ritz Carlton Jumeirah Hotel. One of the classic Arabic and best restaurants Dubai to taste the authentic Arabic cuisine around Arabic aura – a right way to enjoy your Dubai holidays.

Relish your buffet under the star-filled sky at the Bedouin encouraged tents with the tunes of live Arabic music. What is more, you get to enjoy the moves of a belly dancer. Get a sense of desert romance while dining at Amaseena.

Photo: Courtesy Of Amaseena Restaurant Ritz Carlton

5) The Viewing Deck Restaurant

Sprawling over an area of approximately 820 sqmeters, the Viewing Deck is a marvel stationed literally in the center of the air. This amazing establishment provides its guests with grand views of Burj Khalifa and the wonderful dancing fountain.
With an intriguing area that can accommodate as many as two-hundred guests, this architectural marvel welcomes around 120 people for a sit down buffet or dinner. This is one of the best best outdoor restaurants in Dubai.

The Viewing Deck Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Dubai

6) Pierchic

Dubai has become the honeymoon place of choice for many couples in recent years, and with restaurants like Pierchic it is pretty evident why. Placed on stilts far out into the Persian Gulf, the Pierchic is an oasis of calm in the center of the ocean, which nevertheless provides amazing view of the bright lights of the city. The best restaurants Dubai is firmly targeted on seafood, and dishes such as yellow fin tuna tartar and tiger prawn sauteed saffron risotto more than complement the amazing fairytale setting.

Photo: Courtesy Of Pierchic Restaurant /

7) Al Iwan

Placed in the remarkable Burj Al Arab, Al Iwan attempts to return to the culinary roots of the Persian Gulf and the Emirates itself. The setting is as luxurious and opulent as you can guess, combining red, gold and black in an inimitable show of lavishness. The grandeur of this setting is contrasted by the food, which is a hearty celebration of the top Arabic cooking, from baba ganouj and hummus.

Al Iwan -Best Restaurants in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy Of Al Iwan Restaurant /

8) Al Hadheerah

Al Hadheerah is a cultural event in itself, unlike any place else in ultra-modern Dubai. Set within the Bab Al Sham Desert Spa and Resort this is a full celebration of Emirati culture, with shows of traditional dancing, horse performances, camel caravans, and falconry exhibitions, as well as musical performances from Arabic singers on best restaurants in Dubai. The full restaurant is built in what looks like a very old Arabic fort, and a wide buffet its served in traditional Emirati stalls. The food is similarly rooted in tradition, and contains such classic Arabic dishes as lamb cooked in a charcoal pit and a remarkable range of treats and delicacies.

Al Hadheerah
Photo: Courtesy Of Al Hadheerah Restaurant /

9) Ossiano

Entering Ossiano is definitely unlike any other best restaurants in Dubai or around the world. The underground restaurant is surrounded by the aquarium of the Ambassador Lagoon providing the impression of dining at the base of the sea. The best restaurants in Dubai with a view target definitely is firmly on seafood. The Lagoon contains 65,000 marine mammals, which swim around diners as they taste their food. Dining in Ossiano is like being in the little Mermaid. While dining the top seafood, you can experience the amazing view of the floor-to-ceiling big aquarium. This has to be one of the best restaurants Dubai.

Ossiano -Best Restaurants in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy Of Ossiano Restaurant /

10) Eauzone

The charming fusion of varied items makes the menu all the more lip-snacking. Dealing initially in European – tinted Asian cuisine this location offers its guests with a perfect casual dining experience.

While at day Eauzone is best vegetarian restaurants Dubai and as the night approaches this amazing retreat infuses a romantic aura so as to offer a lovely-romantic escapade to guests looking for some best moments.

Photo: Courtesy Of Eauzone Restaurant /

11) Sho Cho

A traditionally Japanese restaurant, Sho Cho has quick gained status for being the only location as of now that can provide a really oriental experience. The best restaurants in Dubai is furnished by stark white leather sofas and wonderful interior and lighting that it is also characterized by traditional dining tables on one of the sides.

Sho Cho - Best Restaurants in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy Of Sho Cho Restaurant /

12) Captains

The most remarkable thing about Captains in Dubai is its sweet views. The nautical theme that its name advises is more than justified by its immaculate position on the Jebel Ali Beach. The Hotel 800m stretch of private and is a place that provides a windswept vista of the horizon that coverage into the Arabian sea.

Photo: Courtesy Of Captains Restaurant / Facebook

13) Falcon Oasis Floating Restaurant

Falcon Oasis floating restaurant has been famous for enticing pleasure-mongers from all over the planet. Blaze under the moonlight while feasting on mouthwatering delicacies atop the powerful views of the waterbeds. Enthral in this artistic tourism approach that permits you to witness Dubai in an experience like never before. International buffet featuring non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes that are prepared by four star caterers including pastas, meat, and vegetarian choices. No doubt, this is one of the best choice for best restaurants in Dubai.

Falcon Oasis Floating Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy Of Falcon Oasis Floating Restaurant / Facebook

14) Asia Asia

The most celebrated Asian and best restaurants Dubai popular for providing an impeccable luxury dining experience, Asia Asia serves a wealth of zesty tastes from all over the continent. Owing to the big selection of Pan-Asia delicacies on the menu here, this can simply be listed among the Dubai top restaurants. The uniqueness of the flavor at Asia Asia lies in the rich fusion of the Pan Asian tastes with the signature tastes of the Middle East.

Asia Asia
Photo: Courtesy Of Asia Asia Restaurant /

15) Blue Elephant

Largely known as one of Dubai finest Thai restaurant, the distinctive Blue Elephant specs a calm waterfall, greenery and exotic flowers, and intricate stained wood accents, making the illusion that you are not in Dubai but in some quaint Southeast Asian village. The cuisine matches the decoration stroke for stroke. Royal Thai dishes contain spices, herbs, and produced imported from Thailand, and the aromas of chilies, basil and lemongrass flow via the air, enticing first time patrons to order some of the spicier items. Saturday spec a remarkable lunch buffet.

Blue Elephant - Best Restaurants in Dubai
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16) The BlackSmith

This southern-style smokehouse has been celebrated as the one real smokehouse Dubai restaurant. Placed on the first floor of the Wyndham Dubai Marina, this best outdoor restaurants in Dubai has a custom-built smoker out on the terrace, setting it apart from other smokehouse restaurants in the city. The food menu is concise, with tasty smokehouse classics that will keep you coming back. The drinks menu also something to marvel at, with spiked ice teas, signature frozen daiquiris and porter floats. The Blacksmith its Wingin Wednesday and arguably has the top ITIS Friday smokehouse brunch in the city.

The BlackSmith
Photo: Courtesy Of The BlackSmith Restaurant /

17) Crab Market

Placed on the 15th floor of the Emirates Financial Towers, Crab Market is a chill and contemporary restaurant in Downtown Dubai. The menu was made by Chef Vladimir Mukhin and not just has a big range of crab dishes but all the seafood that you can eat lobsters, crabs, shrimp, oysters, salmon, scallops and so much more. Placed Downtown also means that the best restaurants in Dubai has amazing views from the windows, with a view of the Burj Khalifa by the bar and restaurant. The decoration is the key dining area is also aesthetically pleasing.

Crab Market - Best Restaurants in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy Of Crab Market Restaurant /

18) Akiba Dori

Tokyo-styled pizza is actually a new sensation in Dubai, all thanks to Akiba Dori. This best restaurants in Dubai 2020 takes its inspiration for the menu and decoration from Akihabara, Tokyo neon-filled electronics area. A wet-look cobblestone paths run via the restaurant, adding to its special character. The restaurant is full with bakery, bar, arcade room and definitely pizzeria. On the menu, Akiba Dori services a range of Japanese flavors from sushi to street food to Ramen bowls and everything in between. It is Dubai own Tokyo experience in the city heart.

Akiba Dori
Photo: Courtesy Of Akiba Dori /

19) 101 Dining Lounge and Restaurant

Crowned at a private marina, 101 Dining Bar and Lounge promises its visitors with twin pleasure of perfect cuisine and wonderful view of New Dubai Skyline. The perfect setting of this amazing lounge extends into a trendy overwater lounge, with restaurant and bar facing seaside providing serene views of this pristine coastline.

101 Dining Lounge and Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy Of 101 Dining Lounge and Restaurant /

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