Things to Do in South Africa – 20 Top Attractions

Things to do in South Africa

20 Top Things to Do in South Africa

Placed on the southern tip of Africa likes a country that is quick becoming the adventure capital of the globe. Anyway, contrary to famous belief there are so many other amazing things to do in South Africa, that it has the propensity to attract visitors who crave for food, culture, history or sightseeing.

Things to do in South Africa
Cape Town

A country famous for its wildlife safari and natural experiences have outgrown its status and become something even more charming. A South Africa trip is now just about gripping a glimpse of the giraffes, lions and zebras.

Things to do in South Africa
Blue Road
Things to do in South Africa
Hole in the Wall

Here we highlight some of the best things to do in South Africa:

1) Visit Robben Island

When it comes to learning about apartheid, you will want to also plan a tour to Robben island. Placed just 5 miles off the coast of Cape Town, Robben Island was a highest-security prison until 1996. During the apartheid age, many political prisoners were sent to Robben Island. This contains Nelson Mandela, who spent eighteen years behind bars on Robben Island. The prison is now a UNESCO World Heritage place and one of the most vital cultural places in the country. Conditions at the prison were amazingly harsh, with many prisoners forced into hard labor in the limestone quarry.

Things to do in South Africa - Visit Robben Island

2) Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

A continue stop on the way to or from Kruger, Blyde River Canyon is the 3rd biggest canyon in the planet. It is particularly green and lush matched to the Grand Canyon and also has amazingly deep, sheer cliffs. There are numerous natural formations and other natural specs in this UNESCO-Listed reserve, including Gods Window, Pinnacle Rock, and Bourke’s Luck Potholes. You can also find very old rock art in the Echo caves.
There are many hiking trails as well as mountain biking, abseiling, and white-water rafting.

Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

3) Enjoy the Pristine Vineyards

Not an extremely famous fact among Indian travelers but South African produces some of the best wines in the full planet. The wine produced in and around Cape Town competes with produce from Spain, Italy, and France.
The big wine producing districts that are placed in Cape Town are Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Worcester. Visitors can go on a day trip from their hotel in Cape Town and view the wonderful vineyards and taste some of the finely made wine of South Africa and no doubt this is the best things to do in South Africa.

Things to do in South Africa - Enjoy the Pristine Vineyards

4) Capture the windflower bloom

Another thing to do in South Africa is to catch the wildflower bloom in the Cape Florida Region which is house to about 9,000 plants species, out of which 2/3 are found exclusively in South Africa.
If you happen to be in South Africa during the primary half of August, you will be capable to catch the arrival of spring season turns the Northern Cape into a magical bed of flowers.

Capture the windflower bloom
Capture the windflower bloom

5) See tribal culture

Any country you visit in Africa, and they will have an important tribal population and history that is value learning and knowing about.
The tourism department of South African promotes and attracts visitors to pay a visit to one of the their 6 tribal villages known as – Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele, Tswana, Basotho, and Shangaan cultural villages. Learn everything there is to know about these tribes ranging from crushing attire, maize, rituals, languages, to their dance rituals that have been passed on for 1000s of years.

See tribal culture

6) Addo Elephant National Park

With humble starting as a little elephant sanctuary established to save just eleven reddish colored Addo elephants in the 1930s, Addo Elephant National Park is now of South Africa biggest national parks and possibly one of the top for spotting these gentle giants. As the park has swelled and spread over the years, it now consists of 5 different sections, each providing its own special features.
The Colchester section is the key game reserve. Here, you can enjoy exhilarating self-drives or camp-run game drives to view the big populations of zebras, elephants, and antelopes in the park.

Addo Elephant National Park -Things to do in South Africa

7) Durban

Luckily, all that remarkable weather does not go to waste, as Durban is house to a sweet stretch of coastline with some famous sandy beaches lapped by the hot water of the Indian Ocean. Spend your days surfing the waves on the South Africa east coast or exploring life under the waves with a dive or snorkel.

Durban - Things to do in South Africa

8) Garden Route

One of the most charming drives in the planet, the Garden Rote meanders past seaside villages, forests, game reserves, white sandy beaches, and lagoons, with the amazing blues of the Indian Ocean right alongside you. Stretching from Mossel Bay to St. Francis, the visitor route is what lures most international visitors to South Africa.

9) Drakenberg

The Drakenberg is a mountain range in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. Generally shortened to just the Berg by locals, the Drakenberg means Mountains of the Dragon. The meaning of such a dramatic name is not lost on you when you view the majesty of these mountains. Forming part of the Great Escarpment, the place is house to a combination of waterfalls and hiking trails split into the southern and northern reaches.

Drakenberg -Things to do in South Africa

10) Cape Town

The Mother City, with its sweet beaches, wonderful mountain views, and friendly people, is a highlight on any South African bucket list. It may only be the second-biggest city in the country, but it is simply one of the most recognizable cities in the planet. Placed on the southwest tip of South African western cape province, Cape Town enjoys a Mediterranean, mild climate and amazing naturals setting with things to do in South Africa.

Cape Town - Things to do in South Africa

11) Table Mountain

Table Mountain is Cape Town most well-known landmark. A big flat block of sandstone that rises 3500 feet into the air. Table mountain is a national park and an amazing location to go hiking with over 350 paths to the summit.

Most people take the cable car up but hiking is far more amazing. The weather replaces continually though, so hiking is hard sometimes. You could luck out with clear skies and best views or maybe climb into the infamous “table cloth”, a blanket of clouds that generally covers the mountain.

Table Mountain - Things to do in South Africa
Things to do in South Africa

12) Hot Air Balloons Rides

The charming Magalies River Valley completely exposed itself as we rose into the sky with the sunrise in a warm air balloon. It is just an hour North of West of Johannesburg, South Africa biggest city.
Once you realize you are in the air, profound silence is the primary thing you see. Between occasional blasts of fire from the burner, there is no sound. No engine, no propeller, just the birds. Yet soon we are hovering half a mile above the ground, visiting slowly with the wind and best thing to do in South Africa.

Hot Air Balloons Rides

13) South African Safari

Yes, we know that the Jungle Safari is the most cliche visitor activity in South Africa, but it still remains as one of the top things to do in South Africa. The wildlife found here is the more rarest and well preserved you will find anywhere in the planet. Pay a visit to the Kwazulu-Natal Province and witness the mightily up near and person as a jeep takes you into the wild grasslands for your date with the dynamic wildlife of South Africa.

South African Safari - Things to do in South Africa

14) Try a Soweto Tour

If you want to view the true diversity of South Africa away from the glitz of the huge cities here, and enjoy a bit of cultural insight too, then taking a Soweto tour is a best one for your list of the top things to do in South Africa.
Operating from Johannesburg, this is an amazing day trip, sure to open your mind and introduce you to more of South Africa hard history and present condition.

Soweto - Things to do in South Africa

15) The Wild Coast

If wonderful coastline are your cup of tea, then you actually must contain South Africa’s wild Coast during your visit. Famous with South Africans, this area does not get nearly as much focus from people outside the country. So, you can enjoy a lot of more solitude when you explore here. Highlights contain the round huts of many little villages and the Wild Coast Trail, which will engage even the most professional hikers out there.

The Wild Coast

16) Kruger National Park

Covering a big area of more than 20,000 square kilometers, Kruger National Park is the best place to enjoy a bona fide safari in Africa. Established in 1898, it is the oldest wildlife park on the area. The sheer range of the wildlife here is reason enough to contain this topnotch national park during your south African holiday with the capability to view hippos, cheetah, giraffes, and cros. The fact that you do not have to rough it in off-roads vehicles is another park.

Kruger National Park - Things to do in South Africa

17) Hogsback

Believed by many to have motivated Tolkien when he wrote the Lord of the Rings, Hogsback – which is placed in the Amatola Mountains is a really place. Dotted with wonderful waterfalls and rocky outcrops, Hogsback specs some of the most remarkable scenery in all of South Africa. Many different species of bird call Hogsback home, including a big range of parrots. Horseback riding and trout fishing are both famous here, so if you enjoy either one you will be rightly content.


18) Hermanus

If time is not a problem, consider heaving over to South African western cape to spend some time in Hermanus. This remarkable city used to be a little seaside fishing village, today, it retains much of its little town qualities while still being engaging enough to keep guests on their toes. The things to do in South Africa and Hermanus is whale watching, there are cliff paths from which you can view the amazingly graceful creatures. If you would love to include a surprising nature experience to your South African journey, stop by Hermanus at some point.


19) Boulders Beach

Boulders beach, close Simons Town in False Bay, is famed for its local penguin colony and clean, white sand beach. It is house to at least 3,000 African penguins, with the Foxy Beach Boardwalk being an amazing viewpoint. Your kids will love getting up close and personal with penguins. The park is also house to other birds and little mammals, while dolphins and whale swim off shore.

Boulders Beach - Things to do in South Africa

20) The Golden Mile

Durban is one of South Africa biggest coastal cities, it is also well famous for its phenomenal beaches. The string of beaches along Durban’s waterfront are collectively famous as the Golden Mile, and it is simple to view why. This sun-kissed part of South Africa is perfect for people who want to enjoy some fun in the sun. From lounging in the sun to the splashing in the surf to enjoying amazing beach activities, the Golden Mile is the best place to contain during your South Africa journey.

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