Finding Out the Art in the Johannesburg Street


Johannesburg Graffiti Tours

Graffiti maybe is a common thing you can find in your city. However, finding it in other countries where graffiti is considered to be rare, will give you a different experience. Trying this experience once a while is a good idea. And, among many cities in the world, you can try to visit Johannesburg, South Africa. Take the Johannesburg Graffiti Tours for beautiful art you can find through the city. Here are what you can find.

Johannesburg Graffiti Tours Newton

Karabo Poppy Moletsane

You can find this graffiti painted on an old building in 649 Machaba Drive, Mofolo Central, Soweto. The building itself is the Eyethu Cinema, one of the popular and historical buildings in this city. The graffiti depicts a picture of several people who are talking to each other. The brown theme color tone gives it a perfect atmosphere that matches with the building. When you see it in the afternoon, it looks more amazing.

Pose’s Graffiti

Pose here is the name of the artist that makes this graffiti. When you take Johannesburg Graffiti Tours, you will pass the De Korte Street. On this street, you will find unique and different graffiti style, painted on one of the building.
The style reminds you of the old American comic. If you read DC or Marvel, you will easily notice it, because its style is very similar to that comic. But, the most beautiful thing about this graffiti is how the artist plays with color.
The artist uses many contrast color, like blue and green, next to each other, which create unbalance color combination. But, this problem actually makes this artwork become more artistic.  This is where you can find how beautiful this graffiti is.

Una Salus Victis Nullam Sperare Salutem

This graffiti is created by Faith 47. This is another good destination in your Johannesburg Graffiti Tours. The name is unique, right? Actually, the artist quotes it from The Aeneid, poem by Virgil. It means “the only hope for the doomed is no hope at all. “
The unique thing about this graffiti is how the artist depicts the meaning of the artwork name into graffiti pictures. The artist uses the picture of zebra horses that seems run from its predator, which is a lion. But, it will only waste their energy because will be caught anyway. Basically, we also can read it as “do not run from your destiny.”
You can find this meaningful graffiti in Von Wielligh Street. Just find the Johannesburg CBD Bus Stop, and you will find it on the building wall right at the back of this bus stop.


Now, are you interested to see those graffiti? You can use the Johannesburg Graffiti Tours from many travel agents. But, the most important thing here is you must get the best guide. If you try to go to find those graffiti by yourself, most likely, you won’t be able to find it. The guide will help you to go to the right place. Thus, your visit in Johannesburg will give you an unforgettable experience.