Kitesurfing Zanzibar – A true kitesurfers paradise

kitesurfing zanzibar

Kitesurfing Zanzibar – Zanzibar is well-known as the world’s greatest spot for kitesurfing

Here are things you should know about kitesurfing Zanzibar during your holiday. Nobody who visits Zanzibar should miss even though the only have few days to spend in this country.



The major spot of kitesurfing zanzibar is, of course, Paje where kitesurfing zanzibar becomes one of the main watersports offered in the beach. It offers warm tropical water as well as windy weather which is the best setting for kitesurfing Here, you can choose conditions including flat water, waves, and high water. Don’t worry if you’re new to kitesurfing because Paje is also home to many professional kitesurfing schools.


The fishing village is situated on the east coast, 5 km from Paje heading to the south. It offers endless lagoons for more than four kilometers. It offers flat and shallow lagoon as well as the empty beach. If you’re a beginner, Jambiani is the best kitesurfing zanzibar spot for you. However, you may find some corrals in the shore since Jambiani is surrounded by reefs. You can also find kitesurfing schools, rental, and accommodations along the coastline.

Best time

The summer kitesurf season starts from June to October while the winter kitesurfs season starts from December to March. Depending on your preferences, the winds get stronger in the afternoon which can reach up to 20 knots. The wind starts to breeze at 9:00 in the morning. You can choose your conditions and desired time to kitesurf. Schedule, your lesson in the perfect time.

Kite Schools and Accommodation

If you’re completely new to kitesurfing zanzibar sport, both Paje and Jambiani offers kite schools with reliable programs. These schools hire professional kitesurfing teachers both internationals and locals. Most of these schools also offer kitesurfing zanzibar tools and equipment. A prior booking is recommended to secure your slots in classes.