3 Snorkeling Spots You Must Visit in Mnemba Atoll

mnemba atoll snorkeling diver

Do you like diving or snorkeling? Discover the famous Mnemba Island with its beautiful coral reef and colored fishes

Take the Mnemba Atoll snorkeling tour and you are ready! Mnemba Atoll is one of the most important conservation areas in Zanzibar. This place has a lot of great diving or snorkeling spot. So, choosing the tour package to visit those spots is a great choice. Now, do you want to know what kind of place you can find? Below, we have the information that you need.

Mnemba Atoll snorkeling tour

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Kichwani is one of the best diving and snorkeling spots. If you choose to have snorkeling, you can enjoy the beauty of soft and hard coral here. They have beautiful color and shape. It likes enjoying the masterpiece painting under the sea.
The fauna diversities are quite high here. You can find many species of fish, some of them even are the endemic type of fishes. The fishes, from crocodile fish, scorpion fish, frogfish, moray eel, torpedo ray, and many more, can be found here. Some of them maybe are hard to see, such as frogfish that love to mimic the coral texture. But, that’s the fun. You will have a great adventure here.

Mnemba Atoll snorkeling tour

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Coral Garden

Like its name, this is the coral paradise in the south of Mnemba Atoll. If you take the Mnemba Atoll snorkeling tour, this is the top place that you will visit. You can relax here because the current and wave is not too big. It’s mild and perfect for a beginner.
However, the biodiversity under the sea in this area is no joking. It’s quite reasonable why they choose that name for this place. The soft coral, sea sponges, and many other corals can be easily spotted here. Do not forget to take your underwater camera to capture this beautiful scenery.
Of course, you can find the fishes too. And, because this is a coral area, you can imagine that the fishes with camouflage ability is also living and eating here. So, this will be your another adventure.

Mnemba Atoll snorkeling tour- Reef Fishes @ Mnemba Atoll

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This is not the real aquarium. This snorkeling spot got this name because its beauty is just like the artistic arrangement that you can do in your aquarium. The current isn’t too strong, which is perfect for one of the best places to visit in your Mnemba Atoll snorkeling tour.
This place is the home of hard lettuce coral. They are beautiful and create a unique contour on the seabed. And this area is the favorite hanging out a place for unique fish, such as giant marbled groupers. Or, if you are lucky, maybe you also can see the green turtles swim around this area.

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Mnemba Atoll is definitely best destination for you. Most of the spots that we mentioned above can be enjoyed by snorkeling around. Therefore, it’s perfect for your Mnemba Atoll snorkeling tour. However, you also can try diving in those spots and find different experience and beauty. The spots are really beautiful. And, if you really love snorkeling or diving, this area will become a paradise for you.