Things to Do in Dar es Salaam – 32 Top Attractions

Things to Do in Dar es Salaam Harbour

32 Best Things to Do in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Must-Visit Attractions in Dar es Salaam

Here are 32 top things to do in Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s biggest and most persuasive city. Notwithstanding, Mount Kilimanjaro, the northern circuit of African natural life, and Zanzibar island, are why numerous sightseers that visit Tanzania, miss the biggest city. With more than 4 million occupants, Dar Es Salaam is a lively East African city that incorporates much elation. With tons of things to do in Dar es Salaam that encompass food, culture, shopping, and beaches– Dar Es Salaam is a city full of fun.

It is one of busiest ports of East Africa’s, and is the commercial center as well as biggest city of Tanzania. The name stands for “heaven of peace” in the Arabic language, although it was somewhat more suitable for Dar’s previous status as a fishing town, than the now clamoring city of over four million people. However, Dar es Salaam is cherished amid explorers and travelers for its seaside location and diverse vibe on account of its blend of Indian, African, and Arabic cultures. What are you waiting for?

Things to do in Dar es Salaam

Here we highlight some of the top things to do in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:

1 National Museum & House of Culture

In the event that you are looking for things to do in Dar es Salaam and you would like to take in more about the history and culture of Tanzania or some of the local fossils, you’ll be keen on going by the National Museum.

Opened in the 1940 in honor of King George V, the National Museum & House of Culture puts travelers on expedition through Tanzania’s vivid past. The exhibition hall shows fossils of several human predecessors uncovered amid the Leakey digs at Olduvai Gorge. Guests can also learn about Tanzania’s tribal legacy, the effect of the slave exchange, and pioneer times. Different features of the historical center include ethnographic shows on customs, traditional crafts, musical instruments, and ornaments.

The historical center isn’t set up in the most engaging way, yet but if you don’t mind reading, you’ll learn a considerable amount.

One of my favorite exhibits at the National Museum of Dar es Salaam was a functional bicycle made completely by wood. Everything from the casing to the wheels was made of wood – stunning.

Planning your Dar es Salaam trip yet?

National Museum and House of Culture
Photo: Courtesy Of David Stanley / flickr

2 Village Museum

Around six miles north of downtown, the Village Museum exhibits customary residences from some of Tanzania’s 120 traditional gatherings. Guests can go through models of tribal properties all around 15 acres of land, and have a look at craftsmen exhibit their conventional carving, painting, as well as weaving aptitudes. The gallery likewise has tribal dances, Ngoma, and other social practices.

3 Askari Monument

Askari Monument is a standout amongst the most historical statues of importance in the city and should have a place just as prominent in any list of things to do in Dar es Salaam. The Askari Monument, made of bronze, portrays an Askari (warrior) in a uniform used during World War I, the pike of his rifle pointing to the near-by harbor. The landmark honors the African troops who in World War I, battled as the Carrier Corps. You can also findan engraving in Swahili as well as English composed by Rudyard Kipling, the renowned British writer. The cast bronze Askari Monument is, as far as anyone knows, situated in the exact center of Dar, amidst the circuitous that cuts up Samora Avenue with Maktaba Street.

Address: Azikwe Street and Samora Avenue

Askari monument dar es salaam.jpg
Photo: Courtesy Of Moongateclimber /

4 St. Joseph’s Cathedral

One of the numerous German contributions to the city, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, is a beautiful and unique addition to any personal list of things to do in Dar es Salaam. Worked by German teachers from the year 1897 to the year 1902, this Roman Catholic Church, in the Gothic-style overwhelms the Dar es Salaam harbor front. The most amazing highlights of the church incorporate stained-glass windows, a shingled spire and vaulted interior. The house of prayer has a large number of German engravings and craftsmanship, consisting of a cut relief over the fundamental altar, which is the seat of the Dar es Salaam archdiocese.

St Joseph's Catholic Cathedral Photo: Courtesy Of David Stanley / flickr

5 Old Boma

Built in the year 1867 by Majid Bin Said, the sultan of Zanzibar, Old Boma is Dar es Salaam’s longest established, still standing building. It was made to house the visitors of the Sultan who had a royal residence nearby. Amazing insides highlights incorporate a cut wooden entryway from coral walls and Zanzibar. Don’t miss this historic sight and put it on your list of things to do in Dar es Salaam!

6 State House

Built in the late 1890s, the State House was the first residence of the German governor. In 1922 the British reconstructed the State House, including a crenellated parapet as well as scalloped upper-story curves, after the building was about demolished in World War I. The State House is now the home of the sitting president. Despite the fact that it is closed to the general publicthe building is an important historic point along the harbor front.

7 Mbudya Island

A 10-minute speedboat ride from Kunduchi, lovely Mbudya Island, in the Dar es Salaam Marine reserve, appears a world far from the maddening crowd of downtown Dar es Salaam. People come here to relax on the island’s white-sand shorelines, snorkel, as well as swim in the turquoise waters. Bandas are accessible for lease on the shoreline, and local people offer grilled fish and cool beverages. This is a standout among the most well known day trips and things to do in Dar es Salaam that starts from the city.


Photo: Courtesy Of Andy Nobes / flickr

8 Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens, which are home to the Dar es Salaam Horticultural Society, were built 1893 by a Professor Stuhlmann, who was the then principal Director of Agriculture. The gardens were first utilized as a trial plot for testing distinctive sorts of estate harvests and tree species. Now, garden lovers can find a charming blend of indigenous as well as exotic plants consisting blue jacaranda, purple bougainvillea, red hibiscus and scarlet flame trees. In spite of the fact that the patio nurseries are much smaller than their previous size, they are one of only a handful spots on the planet, where you can see the coco-de-mer palm tree, outside of its local Seychelles.

Botanical Gardens Photo: Courtesy Of David Stanley / flickr

9 Bongoyo Island

A standout amongst the most engaging things to do in Dar Es Salaam is swim in the delightful, warm tropical Indian Ocean – however not ideal in Dar itself – there are a couple of areas that aren’t far that are much more pleasant (and cleaner).

Bongoyo Island, a much-cherished island getaway, lies off Msasani Peninsula, around four miles North of the city. On the northwest tip of the island, day-trippers can unwind under the shade of covered umbrellas on the white-sand shoreline or chill in the free waters. Ocean urchins, angelfish, clownfish, and starfish are merely some of the marine species that snorkelers may spot among the coral. Behind the shoreline, nature trails wind amid baobab trees to the island’s inverse shore. The outside café serves cool beverages and crisp grilled fish. Bongoyo is maybe the most visited of the four islands in the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve.

Bongoyo Island


10 Kariakoo Market

Another essential on any list of things to do in Dar es Salaam is the busiest and one of the most exciting markets in the city: Kariakoo market. This is the place to go if that you are looking for the best deals around the local area or wish to see the genuine side of local style Tanzanian shopping. In the event that you intend to go shopping, ensure you do some haggling to get the best deals.

However, be watchful with your cash and belongings when you stroll around Kariakoo It is a clamoring market, swarmed with people. Try not to carry things that you’re excessively connected to.

Kariakoo Market

11 Kunduchi Wet ‘N’ Wild Water Park

By Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort, around twelve miles from the focal point of the town, this is the biggest water park in Central and East Africa. Popular among families, the recreation center is a vivid blend of pools, play areas, fast-food eateries, and 22 water slides of different statures, taking into account the two grown-ups as well as kids. The recreation center is additionally home to Tanzania’s sole Go Kart track.

Water parks in Dar еѕ Salaam

Photo: Courtesy Of Kunduchi Wet ‘N’ Wild Water Park

12 View of Dar Es Salaam

Situated close to the Azania Lutheran Church, you can go to the New Africa Hotel and explore your way to the Sawasdee Thai restaurant for an awesome perspective of Dar Es Salaam and the harbor.

Or else, in various other building, compromising the recently made revolving eatery, you can get a decent perspective of the city.

Things to do in Dar es Salaam - Skyline

13 Azania Lutheran Church

Initially worked by German evangelists in Tanzania, the Azania Lutheran Church is a notable structure situated at Dar Es Salaam’s harbor front. German missionaries made Azania Front Lutheran Church in the year 1898. The red-tile turret transcends the encompassing housetops, and the whitewashed building is as yet a notable historic point in Dar es Salaam. Tiled overhangs over the windows give shade and the gardens are an appreciated withdrawal for exhausted sightseers. At one time Azania was the focal point of the nineteenth century German mission; it is currently the church for the bishopric. From the house of God you’ll have simple access to other tourist spots around town.

As you get into the church, somebody will presumably approach you and begin to show you around, even without your inquiring. Be ready for this, they may ask “Let me show you around”, this will likely be followed by a request for a gift to the congregation.

You can go up to the highest point of the Azania Lutheran Church, and see the bell tower.

Things to do in Dar es Salaam - Azania Lutheran Church

14 Dar Es Salaam Fish Market

One of my most beloved things to do in Dar es Salaam is to get up early and roam around the Dar angler market.

People gather from around the city to buy the new catch of the day. Climb the flight of stairs driving towards to the official workplaces for a dazzling, elevated perspective of the fish showcase.

Arrive at around 6:30 am to get the best deals on any fish barters. The last time I went to the market, we got back home with a red snapper, and a couple of kilos of new prawns and crabs. We had a couple of delightful suppers after that.

Things to do in Dar es Salaam - Fishmarket

15 Temple Road

If you are strolling near downtown Dar es Salaam, consider a walk down Temple Road where you’ll discover a collection of religious sanctuaries. There is not much more to do, but rather you can visit a couple of the sanctuaries and look around.

16 Pugu Hills Nature Reserve

Looking for things to do in Dar es Salaam for lovers of winged creatures? Pugu Hills is an protected nature reserve situated approximately 25 kilometers from Dar es Salaam’s city center. Alongside a chance to climb the trails, you can go bird watching or visit the cave that is renowned for its settlement of bats.

17 South Beach – Kigamboni

Solitude, peace and quiet is how I would describe the South Beach area of Dar es Salaam. There are several inns that you can visit, or you can lease your very own banda cover secured hovel for the day.

The lean palm trees stirring in the breeze and the rhythmic wash of waves make spending a day at South Beach a standout amongst the most relaxing things to do in Dar es Salaam.

Arrive by individual vehicle or by neighborhood dala minivan. You’ll have to cross to the Kigamboni side of Dar by taking the ship over the port – the ship ride alone is amazing and is absolutely some thing you must do when in Dar es Salaam.

Things to do in Dar es Salaam - harbour sunset

18 Oyster Bay – Coco Beach

Also called Coco Beach, this well-off secluded enclave, around four miles north of the town on the Msasani Peninsula, is a popular hang-out spot. Local people and sightseers alike come here to walk the shoreline, enjoy street food, as well as relax to live music.

On the off chance that you are searching for the sake of entertainment, things to do in Dar es Salaam, make a beeline for Coco Beach on the end of the week when it’s loaded with neighborhood Tanzanians and Asians.

There are a lot of street snacks and some of the time live music. The open range is likewise a place where many parties and concerts happen – check the city guide for some specifics.

Although swimming isn’t generally suggested at Coco Beach, some swim in the water.

Things to do in Dar es Salaam - Coco beach

19 Bagamoyo Town

Like Lamu or Mombasa, Bagamoyo town situated in north of Dar es Salaam is an old East African exchange port. The town has been influenced by Indians and Arabs to make a uniquely Swahili culture.

On a day excursion to Bagamoyo, you can visit old ruins, old places of worship, mosques, and visit one of Tanzania’s sole school of arts, called Chuo Cha Sanaa.

Catholic Church Bagamoyo.jpg
Photo: Courtesy Of Mahdi Karim /

20 North Beach – Jangwani and Mbuja Island

There are a couple of flawless shorelines in the North of Dar es Salaam and islands.

From White Sands Inn in Jangwani, you can take a vessel to Mbuja Island, an extraordinary place to loosen up and eat naturally caught fish from the Indian Ocean.

21 Mwenge Wood Carvers’ Village

Situated on the edge of town, Mwenge Carvers’ Village is fascinating thing to do in Dar Es Salaam in the event that you are in the market for Tanzanian gifts.

Despite the fact that there are many similar types of items available, if you set aside some time to peruse the village you’ll come with some exceptional and quality Tanzanian crafted works.

22 Tingatinga Art Center

Tanzanian’s are well known around Africa for their work of art (even in the city of Dar). The cutting edge development of Tingatinga painting is one of my most loved styles of Tanzanian workmanship and a visit to the Tingatinga Art Center is a personal favorite of things to do in Dar es Salaam

A masterful trend that started with Edward Said Tingatinga, the style is portrayed by splendid oil hues and innovative cartoon figures.

The focus of Tingatinga is a rainbow of color and imaginative motivation. You can peruse around and even purchase anything you see.

23 Kanga Shopping – Uhuru St.

A popular thing to do in Dar es Salaam is to purchase some of the brilliant bits of wrap around material known as kangas. These magnificently colored rectangles of fabric are accessible in innumerable hues, with many different designs, and frequently incorporate a message that is inscribed in Kiswahili.

Make a beeline for Uhuru Street in downtown Dar es Salaam for a tremendous choice of kangas.

 Kanga Shopping – Uhuru St

24 Village Museum

The Village Museum offers an opportunity to visit a variety of customary Tanzaniancottages and learn more about the tribes of the nation.

Dance performances are accessible on request, for a small additional fee. It’s an only some additional, and the dance is basically accessible at whatever point you would like.

When I visited, the exhibition hall was very peaceful with only a couple of others there.

Things to do in Dar es Salaam - Village Museum

25 Nyama Choma

Like in neighboring Kenya, nyama choma (cooked meat – frequently goat) is well known – and is amazingly scrumptious. Go to a neighborhood eatery, indicate your choice of meat and sit tight for it to gradually cook.

In Tanzania, nyama choma is served with a couple of chilies and in some cases a tomato and red onion garnish. Many Tanzanians will also wash down their nyama choma with a couple of brews.

You can take advantage of your relaxing lunch break to peruse your list of things to do in Dar es Salaam and decide what to do next!

26 Indian Food

With a sizable Indian population, there is a good choice of scrumptious Indian food accessible in Dar es Salaam.

The Upanga region, in the center of Dar, is a standout amongst other neighborhoods to get great Indian fare. You can find everything from hole in the wall Indian eateries to more upscale Indian restaurants.

Here are a few of the most popular Indian eateries in Dar Es Salaam:

  • Delhi Dar Bar
  • Bawarchi
  • Chapan Bhog
  • Patel Grounds

Also, there are several Tanzanian restaurants in Dar es Salaam that offer Indian influenced food, such as, grilled tandoor chicken.

27 Zanzibari Mix

Any list of things to do in Dar es Salaam sure to have numerous entries devoted to food, however, is one rare dish in Dar es Salaam that is not to be missed, an expertly arranged dish that exemplifies the city: Zanzibari Mix.

The impressive Mama Mumtaz eatery isn’t easy to find – indeed, you’ll most likely need to stroll to Kariakoo and find someone to guide you to it. Zanzibari blend is unimaginable – a soothing mix of southern style wastes in a coconut curry and decorated with crisp chutneys and bean stew sauce.

28 Tanzanian Street Food

Regardless of whether it’s simmered maize or homecooked Tanzanian chapatis, you won’t have any desire to miss a couple of dinners and snacks of Tanzanian street food when you visit Dar Es Salaam!

29 Mishkaki

There aren’t many things preferred in this world over barbecued meat on stick and in Dar Es Salaam they truly know how to do it well.

Mishkaki is the Tanzanian version of speared meat – road style shish kebabs. The meat, generally beef or chicken, is first marinated in a few flavors and I think a touch of tomato sauce (contingent upon the recipe obviously), cooked on a bed of hot coals, and served with hot bean stew and lime juice.

Mishkaki makes an awesome supper and is regularly matched with a plate of chips to round out the feast. In case you’re searching for an extraordinary place to eat mishkaki in downtown Dar es Salaam, visit this place.

Photo: Courtesy Of darpost

30 Tanzanian Beverages

Wherever you travel you’ll experience new and unique local refreshments. When looking for things to do in Dar es Salaam you might need to sample the choice of locally fermented brew, have a csome Dar road espresso and particularly chug a pungent Stoney Tangawizi.

Tanzanian Beverages

31 Day Trip to Sinda Island

Dhow sailing to Sinda island and snorkeling – enjoy a beach day out away from the crowd. Sinda island is an uninhabited island just a short boat ride from Dar es Salaam.

32 Day Trip to Mikumi National Park from Dar es Salaam

With flourishing big game and winged creatures, Mikumi National Park offers a genuine safari encounter as only a day trip from Dar es Salaam. Take advantage of your opportunity in Tanzania with an entire day, private visit for up to four individuals. This includes morning and evening tours, extra charges for stops, lunch, and transportation.

Things to do in Dar es Salaam - Mmikumi_National Park Safari Elephants

Discover more attractions, fun activities and the best things to do in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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