Top Things to Do in Accra, Ghana

top things to do in accra

If you need a new holiday experience which you might felt before, you may go to Accra. This place is the capital city of the Republic of Ghana. So, what kind of interesting things to do in Accra? The list below explains to you why you have to go to Accra for your next holiday plan.

Acra, Gana / Accra, Ghana

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Shai Hills Resource Reserve and Akosombo

Accra is a perfect place for those who love to pump adrenaline while spending a holiday. If it is so, you have to go to Shai Hills Resource Reserve and Akosombo. Shai Hills Resource Reserve is considered a popular tourist spot in Ghana. What makes this place interesting to visit is because you are about to see the wildlife in Accra. Indeed, it pumps your adrenaline because there are some extreme activities you can do there such as rock climbing and hiking. The route is also challenging in which you are about to walk through savannah plains. During the exploration, you have a chance to see wild Olive Baboons and birds. This is also a great opportunity to explore the historical caves, archeological sites, and traditional religious spots there.
Another challenging activity you can do in Accra is visiting a place called Akosombo. It is a small town in Ghana but it serves you the best scenery. The nature scenery is fantastic in Akosombo Dam. This is also the best place for those who love fishing. You may go to the Volta River and catch some succulent fishes there. Then, eat your lunch while enjoying the wonderful natural scenery. The most challenging activity is hiking in which you can go to a place namely Akwamu Gorge. This is the best place to watch birds, especially Picathartes bird. Plus, you will enjoy the great surrounding of the forest and river.     


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Bojo Beach

Accra is also the best place for beach lovers. In specific, you can spend your time in a beautiful beach known as Bojo Beach. It can be your unforgettable moment because you are about to visit the cleanest beach in Ghana. This is also considered as a romantic beach due to its super beautiful scenery so it is a perfect place for a honeymoon with your beloved one. You can enjoy everything around the beach because it is not too crow and even it is a quiet beach. It seems that you are the owner of the beach. You can relax and run away from your hectic days for a while. Interestingly, the beach has fresh water on the one side and salty water on the other side. For pumping your adrenaline, you can ride a canoe or jet ski there. Just finish your day by enjoying the foods there such as kebabs, seafood, and even the local foods.  


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Cape Coast

The other interesting things to do in Accra is visiting the Cape Coast. This is a great place to visit, for those who love to learn history. One of the great attractions is the Cape Coast Castle. This castle is included on the World Heritage Site by the United Nation. It is a historic castle in Accra where you can learn a little bit about slavery and many interesting facts about it. The view around the area is also an interesting attraction there. So, just don’t forget to bring your camera and shoot the best things there.   

Top things to do in Accra

Fete Beach

Bojo Beach is not the only beaches you can enjoy in Accra. Actually, you can visit one more fascinating beaches known as Fete Beach. The location is only one hour from Accra. Visiting Fete Beach is like visiting a hidden paradise in Ghana. The scenery is fantastic along with its white sand. This is also a chance for you to fishing because the location is close to the fishing village. Of course, you can also explore the other beautiful beaches in Accra such as Elmina, Cocoloco, Busua, and many more.


If you want some more things to do in Accra, you need to consider visiting the rainforest there. There are some national parks you can visit such as Kakum National Park, Bia National Park, Digya National Park, and many more. At Kakum National Park you are able to see a variety of flora and fauna such as Diana monkey, African elephant, duiker, birds, and many more. Bia National Park is a tropical forest where a variety of mammals and birds live there. Another interesting attraction is the tallest trees. Indeed, it will be your most unforgettable holiday.
Now, you know the things to do in Accra if you go to Ghana. Just explore this place and find out some interesting and memorable things there which you can share with your friends and family.


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