18 Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Tourist attractions in Dubai - Dubai Marina

Tourist Attractions in Dubai – Is this your first time in Dubai?

There are so many amazing places to see in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that you may not even have the time or chance to see them all, so we have compiled this list of best tourist attractions in Dubai to make things much more convenient for you.

There are two key areas s in Dubai: Bur Dubai at the south as well as Deira at the northern, and there are also well-built infrastructure on both of the sides such as Public buildings, hotels, banks, mosques, and busy souqs, office towers, apartments and villa, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, not forgetting the top tourist destination of Jumeirah.

From the exciting activities of the souk to the tranquility of the desert, Dubai is blessed with silvery beaches and golden sunshine along with the best contemporary sightings as well as the most interesting historical attractions.

Dubai Skyline

1. Burj Al Arab

The Burl Al Arab is the most important icon of Dubai and ranked as the world’s only 7 star hotel, the Burj Al Arab is popularly known as the ‘Tower of the Arabs’ and it’s called that for good reason, as this luxurious hotel has a height of 321 meters and a unique ‘sail of a ship’ design. It is the 4th tallest building in the planet.

The Burj al-Arab is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Dubai as it features several incredible facilities like its underwater restaurant, outdoor tennis court, and seven-star hotel rooms. Tourists can also access the private beaches for exclusive use and explore the wild wadi water park located next to the hotel.

Tourist Attractions in Dubai - Burj-al-arab, Dubai

2. Dubai Marina

This is one of best visitor attractions in Dubai and is also famous as the largest man-made marina on earth with several surrounding mega yachts and also the Dubai Marina Mall, it has incredible views, walkways as well as boat rides which can be a great experience during the day or in the evening.

The Dubai Marina is also home to one of the most prestigious private yacht clubs in the region, Dubai Marina Yacht Club (DMYC), a well-built clubhouse in the middle of four extraordinary marinas and exhibited along the length of a momentous 3.5km trench, the marinas offer shielded berthing for over five hundred yachts, in a setting that is just unrivaled.

The clubhouse is a safe area throughout the week and not just truly a weekend getaway, with its lively sports activities front room, or the tranquility of the club lounges and exceptional dining places. The membership organizes the increasingly renowned ‘Cruising membership’ which would be of special interest to the keen yacht enthusiast as it gives DMYC members the exclusive chance to discover regional yachting locations, and to sign up for the regular collection of seminars and workshops with fellow yachtsmen.

Tourist Attractions in Dubai - Dubai Marina

3. Ski Dubai

This is the first indoor ski resort in the middle east that gives an amazing opportunity for everyone (both old and young) to enjoy skiing and playing in the snow, from amateurs to snow recreation experts, the ski Dubai serves as a unique mountain-themed attraction that offers you the chance to revel in real snow throughout the whole year in Dubai.

For those that are concerned about ski clothing or the equipment, Ski Dubai has got you covered as they also provide you with the ski equipment as well as the clothing. You get to enjoy skiing down the slope to the bottom and then, the tow lift and quad-chairlift carry you back to the summit for a new round. Discover tourist attractions in Dubai with Tiketi.

Ski Dubai

Photo: Courtesy Of Lars Plougmann / Flickr.com

4. Dubai Creek

In the Dubai city, there is a natural saltwater bay that flows via the heart of the city and serves as a historical focal point of life in Dubai. A small water taxi, called an Abra can take passengers around the city to view the old trading port with its centuries-old trading traditions.

You can take a trip to Al Maktoum Bridge to view some of the city’s ancient and modern-day landmarks and a walk around the wharf gives you a picture-perfect sight of Dubai’s trading background, in which dhows certain for remote regions, dock to sell off their goods.

You may witness the fascinating traffic come to life and the busy dhows which still ply historical trade routes to places as remote as India and East Africa. Visit Dubai Creek and other tourist attractions in Dubai with Tiketi.

Tourist Attractions in Dubai - Dubai creeck

5. Global Village

The Global Village has continuously supplied cultural enjoyment in conjunction with an international buying experience to tens of millions of visitors for 15 years. There are lots of amazing experiences you can enjoy such as the exciting rides, genuine wares from a big range of countries, games, an exciting fireworks show. The Global village is available from November to March every year and it’s amazing events may even be prolonged on occasion well into April. You can always go to their website for more information concerning the particular duration of the trip.

Global Village Dubai

Photo: Courtesy Of nandm.sbitani.com/2018/02/global-village-dubai-overwhelming-but.html

6. Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis is the excellent resort placed at the Palm and is a man-made island that has shown the huge creativity in the planet with its incredible size and cleverness. As soon as you arrive, you will be immersed in an extraordinary world of creativity, pleasure and the luxury of five-star hotels with a myriad of facilities offering relaxation and thrills for both families and couples alike:

  • The Lost Chambers, one of a kind marine habitats
  • Aquaventure, an exciting water park
  • Perfectly white beaches
  • ShuiQi, an excellent spa to rouse your senses
    Cosmopolitan shops where you can shop till you’re satisfied
  • World-class cuisine in 18 restaurants.

Tourist Attractions in Dubai - Atlantis Hotel

7. Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa is an example of the most wonderful architecture, The highlight of any experience at Burj Khalifa is the sight from ‘At the Top’. Situated on the 124th level of the tallest tower in the world, this observatory is bound to be the highpoint of any holiday to the Middle East.
The voyage starts at the lower ground level of the Dubai Mall. All through the trip to the top, guests are engaged by a multi-media introduction to the fascinating history of Dubai and the wonderful Burj Khalifa.

It would be wise to purchase your tickets ahead of time as the slots usually sell out rather quickly, particularly the ones at sunset. Skip the ticket counter and save money by booking your tickets online in advance on Tiketi for the Tower of Burj Khalifa and other tourist attractions in Dubai.

Tourist Attractions in Dubai - Burj-Khalifa, dubai

8. The Dubai Fountains

At the bottom of the tallest tower in the world is one of the most astounding fountains in the world, which is, in fact, the world’s biggest dancing fountain. The Dubai fountain performs day by day, with the execution series including Thriller by Michael Jackson, I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin and so much more.

Performances are free and can be seen from different areas around Downtown Dubai. The most prevalent location is the Waterfront Promenade located outside the Dubai Mall. Shortly before the execution starts, a large number of individuals spill out from the shopping center and the range gets to a great degree occupied. Guests wishing to view it from here ought to arrive sooner than required to guarantee a spot at the front.

With over 6600 WET super lights and 25 color projectors creating a visual spectrum of over 1,000 abstract attractions. The beam of light sparkling upward from the fountain can be seen from more than 20 miles away and will be noticeable from space making it the brightest place in the Middle East, and definitely in the world.

Tourist Attractions in Dubai - The Dubai Fountains

9. Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi is placed on Jumeirah beach and get its theme from the Juha story, a famous personality from the Arabian folk tales. The beach is dedicated to the water playground, and the Water Park offers 30 rides and attractions for all the family.

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

Photo: Courtesy Of KJeremy Thompson / Flickr.com

10. Palm Island

Palm Jumeirah is a superb idea for a great holiday, as it has everything including top-famous hotels, visitor attractions are amazing, luxury style and shopping centers. If you want to relax or engage in a vacation with enough recreation and entertainment, then this is a place that is truly inspiring to visit.

There are also beautiful sunsets, spas, pools, and gardens and you can dine at the great selection of restaurants, there are also a lot of fun daytime activities, adding water ports, theme parks, aquarium and definitely miles of beautiful beaches. And at night, the bars, clubs, and shows will offer plenty of fun and amusement. Explore Palm Island and other tourist attractions in Dubai with Tiketi.


Courtesy Of Werner Bayer / Flickr.com

11. Desert safari

The vastness of rich, Arabian experiences in the center of sand dunes, and a big range of amazing activities day in and day out make a desert safari in Dubai an experience of a lifetime. Pick from several photography tours, adventure instilled night safari, adventurous desert safari experience and a memorable night out in the chill desert – all lit in blue.

Dubai Desert Tours - Sand Barsing

12. Visit La Mer

La Mer, Dubai newest beachfront address is a remarkable addition to the city’s urban red and the best thing to do in Dubai. Flaunting wide open boardwalks, breezy beachside charm, and graffiti art murals, La Mer Dubai is sure to become your fresh favorite address to play, eat and unwind. If you fancy top-notch grub by the beach, a few hours of beachside shopping, a try at experimental surfing, lazing the day away with a book by the beach or some amazing water park fun, La Mer Dubai is your one-stop place and the best thing to do in Dubai.

Placed between Jumeirah Bay and Pearl Jumeirah, La Mer Dubai spans for sprawling 1.25 million square meters of area and comprises of four zones: the Entertainment Hub, the Beach, the South Island and the North Island. The 2 islands constitute upscale residential neighborhoods including beachfront villas.

La Mer, Dubai

Courtesy Of Meraas / Flickr.com

13. Pier 7 at night

Pier 7 is a special place in the Dubai Marina and provides a premier perfect dining scene with seven different lifestyle dining restaurants. In all the restaurants in Pier 7, you get a top standard dinner in an amazing setting and with a special view over the Dubai Marina. Especially during the evening, the view over the Dubai Marine skyline is remarkable.

The months of November until early May are the busy months in Dubai. In these busy months, it is best to book a table in advance if you would love to enjoy a dinner in one of the restaurants of Pier 7. If the weather allows, it is definitely advised to reserve a table outside. From the terrace of Pier7, you have a wonderful view of the Dubai Marina and the best thing to do in Dubai.

 Pier 7 at night Dubai

Photo: Courtesy Of byserene.blogspot.com/2012/01/barcelona-dubai-beirutsea-side.html

14. Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is house to the city’s newest attraction, the Dubai Frame from where visitors can take in amazing views of both new and old Dubai.

Explore 3 different zones to find a big range of activities for yourself your family; the Communications Zone, Alternative Energy Zone, and the Techno Zone. They are all technology-based, featuring interactive and educational exhibits. The park also provides live music, restaurants, picnic and barbecue areas, and boat rides. It also hosts big exhibits like the Dubai Garden Glow during the chill months. But, there are lots of all-year-round facilities to enjoy, like galleries, mega-bowl, and sculptures.

Landscape: Zabeel Park

Photo: Courtesy Of dodongjan / Flickr.com

15. Relax at Jumeirah Beach

Dubai skyline is popular for its towering architectural surprises that reach 1000s of meters into the desert sky. Jumeirah Beach, on the other hand, is mostly house to low-rise residential properties, but not just any residential properties. Instead, the place is considered to be Dubai’s most exclusive place, famous with high flying expats and rich locals.

Jumeriah Beach is house to several popular landmarks and the best thing to do in Dubai, with the remarkable Jumeirah Mosque being one of them. Unlike the majority of mosques in the UAE, Jumeirah Mosque is accessible to non-Muslims, who surprisingly enough, are also allowed to take images inside the mosque. Most visitors to the place make a point visiting the mosque, which in turn has earned it the status of being the country’s most photographed mosque.

Jumeirah Beach - Tourist Attractions in Dubai

16. Shop at Dubai Mall

This is one of the most creative, newest, and wonderful areas of Emirate where locals and visitors alike coverage on the many shops, restaurants, and locales in the neighborhood.

The gleaming glass surfaces and flashing night lights of the Burj Khalifa stand as a bonfire over Downtown Dubai, while the newly built Dubai Operate House beckons in music buffs to culture vultures to rotating programs of ballets, plays, concerts, and conferences.

There are more than 200 food and beverage outlets and 1200 retail outlets, but there is also a big range of remarkable attractions for families and the best thing to do in Dubai, spread over 5.9 million square feet of internal floor area. Amazingly, the mall is presently undergoing a big expansion, so it can just get bigger and excellent.

Dubai Mall

Photo: Courtesy Of commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Shahroozporia

17. Visit Al Bastakiya

The Bastakiya Quarters gets its name from Bastak Iran, the origin of many of the real textile and pearl traders who first plied their trades. As you walk via the Bastakiya Quarter narrow winding lanes, you will also see another contribution from Bastak in the form of its architecture. The wind towers that topmost of the buildings are a testament to this, as well as charmingly carved modern doors and wooden lattices.
Today, the Quarter is home to many cafes, fine art galleries, and boutique hotels. It is also home to what is trusted to be the oldest existing building in Dubai, the Al Fahidi Port. Built around 1787, the Al Fahidi Fort stood to guard the town against raids from the neighboring tribes. At the times the Fort was also used as the Rulers Palace.

The Al Fahidi Port also houses in the Museum of Dubai and the best thing to do in Dubai. Opened in 1971 and restored in 1994, the Dubai Museum provides a glimpse into the top history of the area, from astronomy to life as it was before the discovery of oil.

Al Bastakiya - Tourist Attractions in Dubai

18. Must explore Gold and Spice Souks

The Spice Souk is one of Dubai’s last truly active open-air markets. Elbow your way through the crowds and take in the attractive palette of sights and smells on display. Photographers and foodies will particularly relish this special sensory experience. Sample domestic delicacies, trawl through hand-made jewelry and absorb the environment.


Photo: Courtesy Of lam_chihang / Flickr.com

There are also beautiful sunsets, spas, pools, and gardens and you can dine at the great selection of restaurants, there are also a lot of fun daytime activities, including ports of water, aquariums, amazing parks and definitely miles of beautiful beaches. Explore Palm Island and other tourist attractions in Dubai with Tiketi.

Gold Souk Dubai - Tourist Attractions in Dubai