Water Activities in Cape Verde – 11 Best Water Sports

Snorkeling Cape Verde

Best Water Sport Activities in Cape Verde

Sailing Cape Verde

Here we highlight some of the best water activities in Cape Verde

1) Paragliding / Parasailing

Cape Verde is a group of 10 islands off the western coast of Africa. Cape Verde has long been a famous place with windsurfers and surfers looking for something a pretty different. Now, Cape Verde paragliding lovers are taking a piece of the action, too.

 Paragliding / Parasailing - Water Activities in Cape Verde

2) Water Skiing and Wake-Boarding

Water skiing and wakeboarding have a lot in common since both involve getting towed by a boat and cutting side to side across the boat wale. These both sports are famous in Cape Verde and best thing to do in Cape Verde.

Water Skiing and Wake-Boarding - Water Activities in Cape Verde

3) Snorkeling

Cape Verde is a special collection of ten islands approximately 500km off Africa west coast in the Atlantic Ocean, featuring sweet white sandy beaches, vast volcanic landscapes, tousled jungles and a dynamic blend of cultures with influences from Africa, Portugal and Brazil.


4) Kayaking

Relying a quite bit less on the wind an your natural balance, which will be a relief to some, kayaking is a best substitute for those hoping get out on the water without a top standard chance of topping into it head first. Once again, rental of kayaks is accessible along the coastlines of the islands.

Kayaking - Water Activities in Cape Verde

5) Swimming with Dolphins

The top islands for dolphin and white watching are presently Boavista and Sal. The key species of whales seen around the islands are humpback whales, though other like sperm and pilot whales are seen occasionally. Whale watching trips average two to three hours and weather depending depart in the afternoon and morning.

Swimming with Dolphins

5) Sailing in Cape Verde

Sailing on the Cape Verde islands is a special tip for any sailor looking for authenticity. The islands are divided into two groups, the southern islands “Sotavento” and the northern islands “Barlavento”. Only nine out of fifteen islands are inhabited permanently. This is the best things to do in Cape Verde.

Sailing - Water Activities in Cape Verde

7) Knee Boarding

Knee boarding is a water boardsport that blends the features of water skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding. Kneeboard surfing is generally considered a disciple of surfing. The paddle rides the board in a kneeling position and this is the best things to do in Cape Verde.

Knee Boarding

8) Flyboarding

Sport centers around Cape Verde will provide you equipment required, and then take you out into the sea so you can glide over the waves. Do not hesitate if you are a bit hesitate, as experienced flyboarders on Jetskis are forever there to lend a hand.

Flyboarding - Water Activities in Cape Verde

9) Banana-Boat Rides

Placed 350 miles of the coast of Senegal, Cape Verde is one-of-a-type island nation, comprised of some of the most sweet tropical islands in the planet. Historically, though, this was not forever the simplest place to survive and best area to do Banana-boat rides.

Banana-Boat Rides

10) Whale Sharks Encounters

One of the biggest ocean dwellers is found in the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Verde islands. The whale shark is the biggest species of fish in the planet and is harmless. It also has many records in size. The wale shark is now slow-moving fish species.

Whale Sharks Encounters - Water Activities in Cape Verde

11) Jet Skiing

Diving and jet skiing is also very famous, where you can discover the rich marine life, including numerous caves, wrecks, and view a big range of fish, whales, mantas, turtles etc. Big game fishing in Cape Verde is amazing and should not be missed, with the chance to catch wahoo, tuna and the remarkable blue marlin.

Jet Skiing

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