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Affordable Budget Safari in Kenya, Budget Lodge and Camp Tips

An safari in Africa is something that every person should experience at least once. It provides the chance to let go of the anxiety of everyday life and embrace instead of the prime call of the wild. It is a chance to view special flora and fauna in its natural habitat, and to find yourself uplifted by the amazing scenery of the African savannah. It is a famous myth that a budget safari in Kenya is not easy to find, but the reality is, with a pretty careful planning, there is no reason why this once-in-a-lifetime experience has to cost more than any other type of international travel.

 African savannah - Budget Safari in Kenya

Tips for planning a budget safari in Kenya

Join a group safari

Group cheap safari in Kenya come in all sizes and shapes, from minibuses tour tailored to mature visitors to social backpacker excursions with famous overland companies. Group safaris are a best choice for two reasons. First, they are affordable than private tours, permitting you to split the cost of accommodation and transport while also granting access to group rates for guides and fees. Secondly, they can be an amazing way to met other travelers and make lifelong friends.

The social aspect can become an issue if you do not get on well with your group. Anyway, while some may find the fixed itinerary of a group tour restricting.

Join a group budget safari in Kenya

Use a local operator

No issue where you go and local tour guides, safari firms and accommodation choices generally provide best rates than international companies. In particular a local operator can be a best way to keep costs reasonable for those that have their heart set on Kenya.

On the other hand, many firms can only be contacted upon arrival, which makes advance booking hard.

Budget Safari in Kenya - Tour operator

Take on a couple of extra nights

It might seem hard to accept but sometimes the longer you stay somewhere the more cash you keep. Let us explain, Many planning a budget safari in Kenya camps provide best stay longer deals, making a best excuse to lengthen your safari. At the time writing, Great Plains are providing a best deal that offers guests the chance to stay for 4 nights and pay for 3 or stay for 8 nights and pay for 6. A best discount that contains some of our favorite spots such as Ol Donyo Lodge in Amboseli and Mara Expedition Camp in the Masai Mara. Sanctuary retreat provides a similar deal in which guests staying at the charming Olonana camp in the Mara can keep up to 30 percent if they stay 4-6 night and up to forty percent discount if they stay for seven nights.

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Choose locations carefully

When you are planning a budget safari in Kenya and looking at all the choices accessible, it can become simple to convince yourself that you have to stay within the parks and conservancies to ensure you are in the middle of the action. And whilst it is a remarkable choice, it is not the only one, mainly if you are trying to planning a budget safari in Kenya. There are some amazing lodge choices set just outside many of the national parks, which are generally much more affordable than those within the gates. Lake Nakuru National Park, for example, is popular for its candyfloss-pink flamingos, black and white rhino, lion, leopard, hyena, and Camp Carnelleys and Susie camp are best budget choices that provide both basic but amazingly-placed accommodation.

Book in advance

Making a reservation is both cost-saving and time. Flight schedules are generally accessible 330 days in advance with direct flights to Kenya, so booking your safari trip six to eight months in advance can help you take benefit of lower fares, as well as reduced costs for accommodation and logistics. You may also want to take advantage on seasonal and promos discounts provided tour operators and travel agencies when booking.

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DIY planning

With DIY (Do it yourself) planning a budget safari in Kenya, you have the luxury of planning your itinerary according to your financial and preference capacity. To keep time and still get the benefit of local help, you can also gather a DIY with a tour operator. For example, in Kenya, use a Tour Operator to visit Lake Nakuru and Maasai Mara via joining a group-safari.


Stick to the right season

When planning a budget safari in Kenya, it truly is value looking at all the seasons and weighting up costs and weather. November, for example, is a best time to visit Kenya and although the forecast can be hard to guess, it is a best time to witness new life entering the globe with impala, topi, and giraffe all calving in this period. And fresh life forever bring best drama as the big cats begin to circle, waiting for a chance.

Crocodile - Budget Safari in Kenya

Here are some of the best budget safari in Kenya lodge and campsite for families and couples

Crocodile Camp

The best rated tented camp in the Maasai Mara among the most budget choices. With remarkable views of the park itself, where you can even view animal activity from our tent, Crocodile camp brags about having the most relax tents at the best price. The staff is stunning as well and the place very good, next to the village of Talek. This is the top standard at the best price.

Mama Safi Guest House

This is not actually a campsite but a real guest house which is ran by an extremely accommodating and beautiful woman. It is very near to Mara explorers, so next to Sekenani gate and it would be the best place for people who favor the comfort of a home, rather than a tent. It has a barbecue place, kitchen and a fireplace outside every day.

More budget safari in Kenya lodge and campsite tips

  • Kivuli Camp
  • Rapids Camp, Sagana
  • Malewa Bush Ventures
  • Camp Ya Kanzi
  • Olorgesailie
  • Kembu Farm
  • Wildebeest Eco Camp
  • Hell’s Gate Gorge and National Park
  • Galana Crocodile Camp

Located on the shores of the Galana River, Tsavo East National Park.

  • Camp Carnelley’s
  • Kongoni Camp
  • Thompson Falls Lodge Camp
  • Camp Malta
  • El Karama
  • Kiboko Camp
  • Mamba Village

Budget Safari in Kenya, Budget Lodge and Camp Tips Conclusion

Budget safaris in Kenya, for a minimum of $175 and a maximum of $240. Bear in mind that this would be an average price as there are lots of factors to take into account. Costs would change depending on whether you book in advance or not. You may also bring the costs down if you brought your own camping equipment. Anyway, in any case, it will forever be immensely affordable than if you book it in Nairobi.

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