Things to do in Cape Town for kids – 20 attractions

Things to do in Cape Town for kids

20 top things to do with kids in Cape Town

Cape Town is probably the number 1 family-friendly place in South Africa and is also a firm favourite when it comes to traveling internationally and locally. This affordable family-travel and holiday place provides a big range of places for kids to play, a big selection of kid-friendly restaurants, best open-air adventure activities, release fishing spots and child-friendly catch, as well as remarkable mountain bike parks and trails to try out with your children. In simple words, it is best for a family holiday with kids. So, book your flights Johannesburg to Cape Town now. Let’s explore some of the best things to do in Cape Town for kids and top places to visit:

Here we highlight some of the best things to do in Cape Town for kids:

1) Cape Town Science Center

For indoor family thrill, the Cape Town Science Center in observer is a best place to indulge your kids inner nerd. The centers exhibits are both mind-bogglingly informative and chill. Who says the holidays cannot be educational? During the holiday they have science, shows, hands-on workshops, family bingo evening and even cool stuff just for mums. The SciCafe has a general menu of filling and fit choices.

Cafe Town Science Center - Things to do in Cape Town for kids
Photo: Courtesy Of Cafe Town Science Center

2) Hinthunt

This is a special and fun way for families with kids to bond work as a team. The game is amazing live escape game that is best for group of 3 to 5 people. Basically, you are in a room for sixty minutes and you have to solve puzzles and mysteries in order to get out. The minimum age of HintHunt is nine years if coming with parents or 15 without. Here is an idea, if your kids are fighting as siblings do, sign them up for this and lock them in a room so they have to job combine and that is the best things to do in Cape Town with kids.

3) Capegate’s summer splash

The full family can experience the fun tropical-themed water park at Capegate this hot month holiday. Open from 6 December to 11 January, children aged 5-13 can enjoy this big outdoor water park, adding water slides, paddle boats, a wave board, a little beach, and a slip n slide.

There will be shaded place and a refreshment station for parents. Tickets cost Rs 85 for ninety minutes and R125 for 3 hours.

4) Bugz Family Play Park

This big play park has both outdoor and indoor play places perfect and Things to do in Cape Town with kids ages of 2 and 10 years. There is a big range of play rides and areas such as swing horses, choo-choo train, quad bikes, horse rides, free play areas, castle and a tree house. There is also a regular magic show and Bugz characters who generally play the park a visit. No lack of fun here!

Bugz Family Play Park
Photo: Courtesy Of Bugz Family Play Park

5) Acrobranch, Constantia

Acrobranching gives you and the children the chance to let loose your inner-ape and go swinging via the tree tops. This is another amazing holiday activity for the full family if the weather decides to play along. The Acrobranch park in Constantia consists of 3 courses, each one furnished with zip lines, sing bridges and Tarzan swings. The courses are family-friendly and secure for kids as young as 3 years of age. The yellow Course is for kids ages 3 and up while the Green Course is for kids 7 years and older.

Acrobranch, Constantia - Things to do in Cape Town for kids
Photo: Courtesy Of Acrobranch, Constantia

6) ZipZap Circus school

This is remarkable for those who dream to be in circus arts of any sorts. There are different programs acessible for a range of ages and it truly is a best area for adults and children alike to be creative in the performing arts. Programmes are free and funded by various organisations and individuals. For those who favor to watch, the ZipZap Circus school puts on different shows all through the year and lots of fun for all and best things to do in Cape Town for kids.

7) Deer Park Cafe

With a tranquil setting just above the city bowl, Deer Park Cafe is best for lazy lunch even if you come with rowdy pretty hooligans in row. With a playground, complete with slides, swings, rolling lawn, and a jungle gyms, the youngsters have lot to keep them busy. The play park is fenced in, meaning you can you your meal without having to chase after them, but you can still keep a sharp eye.

8) The Clay Cafe

The Clay Cafe in Hout Bay makes for a day of recreation and creativity for kids and parents alike. No doubt,best things to do in Cape Town for kids. Pick from a big range of unfired bisque and a big selection of colorful paints to make crockery that is both special and personal. Spend a leisurely day painting in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff at hand to help you with any painting methods that you might wish to make use of. There is a playground and garden outside so once kids are finished painting there is still lots to explore. Also a best idea for kids parties.

Photo: Courtesy Of The Clay Cafe

9) Springbok Experience

The Springbok experience is not your traditional museum and will attract to more than just rugby nuts. The top part is the interactivity of the experience with the first level home to a big range of expertise tests. Designed to simulate what the users go via the tests for fitness, passing and kicking, hands-off, it is famous with the kids and the adults who visit. The top floor is extra traditional, but still hugely interactive and you are bound to be lost in the information for hours. A must visit for locals and tourists.

Springbok Experience - Things to do in Cape Town for kids
Photo: Courtesy Of Springbok experience

10) World of Birds

The biggest bird park in Africa, the World of Birds is house to more than 3,000 birds and little animals belonging to more than 400 species. The layout of the walk-through aviaries permits you to get closer than ever to a wonderful range of birds, including the forever-famous birds of prey aviary. The Monkey Jungle is forever a big hit with the children and you are sure to spend hours wandering through the 4 hectare sanctuary.

World of Birds
Photo: Courtesy Of World of Birds

11) Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

A hot day will find many Capetonians lazing on the immaculate lawns of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, the best things to do in Cape Town with kids. Every person has their favourite nook – I love the big trees over the Skelton stream, which offer lots of amazing climbing for young adventures. A raised walkway, named the Boomslang, has been recently built via the Arboretum, between the Dell, Cycad Amphitheatre, Protea Garden, Concert Laws and the Mathews Rockery.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens - Things to do in Cape Town for kids
Photo: Courtesy Of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

12) Green Point Park

Entrance is free, so pack a picnic and take the children out for the day. There are play areas for littlies and for bigger kids, so every person has a best time. Adults can give the open-air gym equipment a go, or just sit on the lawn or at a table and relax. Bicycles and leashed dogs are welcome too.

13) Rush Trampoline Park

Hidden away in the side of the 3rd level parking lot in Stadium on Main in Claremont is the Rush Trampoline Park, which is pretty literally an open-air park packed with trampolines for you to jump on to your heart’s content. Some of key attractions are wall-to-wall trampolines, 3 basketball slam dunk lanes, two dodgeball courts, 2 long trampoline lanes best for doing flips, a war beam and loads more.

14) Victoria & Albert waterfront

The V&A waterfront generally has unique programmes for kids during the school holidays. There is also a play area with all types of amazing things, like jungle gyms and pirate ships near the food court.

The Scratch Patch is an expensive and amazing place for all ages. Kids can sort through mountains of gemstones and pick out tigers eyes, jaspers, amethysts, and more. Cave golf is another choice if you are on a tight budget. It sounds easy, but this edition of putt-putt has some tricky ramps, quick corners and deceptively hard holes.

Victoria & Albert waterfront - Things to do in Cape Town for kids

15) Woodstock

A once flourishing seaside resort, it is difficult to imagine Woodstock as anything other than an industrialised place that is undergoing big gentrification and urban renewal. Bustling with creativity on every side, Woodstock is house to niche art studio, furniture workshop, trendy coffee shops, and design agencies. Yet, under all this lies in dynamic and prevalent history that is coming alive on its buildings and walls.

Take a street art trip with domestic tour guide, and learn the history of the place behind these graffiti artwork. Tours cost R3550 for 1.5 hours and begin at the Woodstock exchange. Grab some brunch at the Old Biscuit Mill on weekends and pick up some quirky vintage decoration along Albert Road.

Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town

Photo: Courtesy Of Anouk Pilon / Flickr

16) Table Mountain Ariel Cableway

Take the cable car up to the Table Mountain top for memorable views over Cape Town and best Things to do in Cape Town with kids. Tickets should be booked in advance if easy, as queues can be extremely long, particularly at peak times. The cable car rotates 360 degrees so every person gets amazing views on the journey. You can take the Cableway round tour, or hike up as we did and take the cable car down. There are no queues at the top to take the cable car down, so this is a remarkable way to ride the cable car without having to stand in line.

Table Mountain Ariel Cableway - Things to do in Cape Town for kids
Photo: Courtesy Of Fazielah Williams /

17) The Castle of Good Hope

The Castle of Good Hope was constructed by the Dutch between 1666 and 1679 and is actually one of must view places in Cape Town which works extremely well for kids.

This stone walled castle makes for quite a sight and walking around the best and exploring the castle makes for the best things to do in Cape Town with kids. There is also a regular cannon firing which the children loved. The castle is pretty extensive with passage ways where you can feel a bit lost. There are some museums on place including ceramics and military museum.

The Castle of Good Hope - Things to do in Cape Town for kids

18) Rotary Blue Train Park

Near to the Green Point Lighthouse likes this amazing playground: the blue train park. With wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean, the park gathers an adventure playground made out of recycled materials and little miniature scale train that goes around the outside. Looking a bit like something made from a bunch of truly huge sticks the playground just looks fun and it was a best as it looked. There is a lot to play on, including a bouncy castle, zip line, kids rock climbing wall as well as the usual money bars, slides and swings.

Photo: Courtesy Of Rotary Blue Train Park

19) The Two Oceans Aquarium

The Two Ocean Aquarium is hands-down one of the top places in Cape Town for indoor fun (best for rainy days). Apart from the dazzling glimpses it provides into the underwater planet, the aquarium also has many activities that will delight young and old alike. Be sure to schedule your tour to the time of the day when the sharks, penguins, and other fish are being fed. Do not miss the Touch Pool which permit you and the kids to interact with starfish, anemones and seaweed. For a little bit extra, you can purchase ticket for Penguin Encounter that permit you and your kids to come face-to-break with the stunning rockhopper penguins.

The Two Oceans Aquarium - Things to do in Cape Town for kids
Photo: Courtesy Of

20) Company’s Garden

One of the easiest and most enjoyable things to do in Cape Town for kids is to visit these gardens which are a simple walk from any of the attractions in Cape Town.
These green, shady are charming mainly when Table Mountain is visible in the background. They have a best atmosphere and come complete with ducks and squirrels running around. There is the choice to purchase food to feed the squirrels and this seems to have helped them become extra friendly and it was simple for the kids to get near to them.

There are also monuments, a huge vegetable patch and various plant and trees life. There are also some huge swinging pods which the kids loved. These gardens were a best way for the kids to let off steam between the locations to visit in Cape Town.

Company's Garden - Things to do in Cape Town for kids
Photo: Courtesy Of Company’s Garden

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