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Best Restaurants in Riyadh Rstaurant al Faisaliah

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is landlocked by one of the world’s biggest deserts, but as the city expanded into a new metropolis, its cuisine, one limited to traditional Saudi dishes created with a few domestically sourced ingredients – also grew and evolved into an international culinary scene that is showing a pretty sign of slowing down. Today, in addition to the areas own typically food, Riyadh’s dinner can simple a range of international dishes, from Italian-style pizzas to great burgers. Check out our selection of the top 15 best restaurants in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

Best Restaurants in Riyadh

Here we highlight the top 15 best restaurants in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

1) Elements

If you are looking for a different kind of dining experience, then Elements is the place to be. With tasty international cuisine, chefs make this dishes at live cooking stands in open kitchen. Lunch, breakfast, and a la carte dishes are all accessible this 4 season place. Additional, Elements provide unique menu on different days of the week. Sundays are all about Asian, Tuesdays are Middle Eastern nights, and Mondays are reserved for seafood.

Elements Restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel
Photo: Courtesy Of Elements Restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel

2) Najd Village

Looking for Saudi heritage combined with modernity? Then Najd village is where you will find it. This big venue can host up to one-thousand guest on its relax authentic cushions. Serving a big range of traditional food on best restaurants Riyadh. Try a Saudi dumpling famous as matazzez or indulge in the peppery lamb dish moqalqal. This best restaurants in Riyadh 2020 boasts a museum-inspired that makes a charming Saudi Arabian feel. Definitely one of the best restaurants Riyadh.

3) Lusin

Lusin, which means moon in Armenian, serves some of the top South Caucasian tasty food in the Saudi Arabia. The best restaurants in Riyadh with a view gathers Armenian heritage, such as walls tiled with pink tuff stone with contemporary interiors and sleek copper light fixtures. The dining experience at Lusin is elevated with background music played on duduk, a very old Armenian woodwind instrument. Developed by culinary author and professional Anahid Doniguian, the menu contains typical Armenian dishes. Each meal begins with freshly baked lavash bread served with a creamy dip, followed by an option of grilled meat dishes and a range of tabbouleh and kibbeh appetisers.

4) Mirage

Almost any person and every one enjoy best Chinese food. When it comes to Asian, no one beats one of best restaurants in Riyadh, Mirage Restaurant. Here, Chinese and some Taiwanese dishes come in sharable areas. Besides the pleasant food, Mirage does a remarkable job when it comes to internal decoration. Big aquariums packed with colorful fish make the area bright and dynamic. A charming pond sits in the center of the dining place, adding serenity to the best restaurants in Riyadh 2020.

Mirage - Best Restaurants in Riyadh
Photo: Courtesy Of https://bit.ly/2X19gbN

5) Zafran Indian Bistro

There are dozens of Indian best restaurants in Riyadh that serve staple curries, but Zafran has revolutionised Indian cuisine in the area. This prize-winning Indian bistro chain arrived in Saudi Arabia in 2018 after opening a number of successful branches in UAE. Zafrans Riyadh branch, in particular, is a cultural mix of Arabia and Indian, which is reflected in its interior, featuring artwork by domestic artist Jeffar Khadli. The menu is amazingly curated by Chef Gaurav Singh, who took inspiration from his travel to Northern India, and includes cuisines from the areas vibrant provinces. On offer are traditional and fusion Northwest Indian dishes, including vegetarian choices such as spinach kebabs and corn and paneer tikkas, desserts and chicken biryani, Indian puddings and pastries.

6) The Globe

If you are looking to enjoy a completely elaborate dining experience, then a visit to the Globe is a just the ticket. Placed within the amazing golden glass orb that tops the Al Faisaliah Tower, this exclusive best outdoor restaurants in Riyadh provides a diverse selection of modern and Arabic European cuisine. It is also house to a largely famous afternoon tea set, which is served against sweeping wonderful views of the city. What would be more exquisite than sipping on a cup of delicious specaility tea and indluging in lavish desserts, all the white seated 240 meters up in the sky.

The Globe Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Riyadh
Photo: Courtesy Of The Globe Restaurant

7) Hualan

Also housed in the Centria Mall, Hualan provides a contemporary take on Chinese cuisine. This top-end best restaurants in Riyadh gathers Asian cooking methods with novel tastes and texture gathers to make innovative dishes. You will find things like jasmine tea smoked beef ribs and fried prawns in pumpkin sauce on the menu. It also provides a big range of selection of bespoke Jing tea and fruit smoothies with taste Asian ingredients. As well as boating a smooth all-natural geometric interior, the best restaurants Riyadh has a terrace overlooking the city innovative skyline. This makes it the best location spot for al fresco dining during the chill winter months.

Hualan Chinese Restaurant
Photo: Courtesy Of Hualan Chinese Restaurant

8) Yokari

Yokari might not be the affordable best restaurants Riyadh, but for those seeking gourmet style Japanese cuisine, nothing beats it. Do not guess to view any ormakase style or sushi platters dining here either, this stunning establishment steers well away from the usual clichés. Actually, there is extremely little interaction with the kitchen staff. Instead, visitors are encouraged to ask their waiter to explain dishes, each of which is wonderfully presented and prepared with technical precision. With its minimalist interior and little table set in close proximity, this is actually a location for serious foodies who enjoy a more intimate dining experience.

Yokari Restaurant
Photo: Courtesy Of Yokari Restaurant

9) Al Orjouan

Largely regarded as one of Riyadh finest all-day dining restaurants, this Ritz-Carlton gem has become a firm favorite among hotel visitors and domestic residents, alike. Its generous Friday buffet branch has proven to be immensely famous with those looking to feast on a sumptuous spread of International specialties and Middle Eastern. And with a whopping twenty food stations on offer, as well as kids club to keep pretty ones entertained, it is hardly shocking Akl Orjouan has become somewhat of Riyadh institution.

Al Orjouan Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Riyadh
Photo: Courtesy Of Al Orjouan Restaurant

10) Gulluoglu

This popular family-run baklava shop first opened its doors in Turkey in the end of 1800s. with the passage of time, the business expanded into dozens of cafes, shops, restaurants and even a cooking school that has been training the top baklava chefs for decades. Now, the empire has arrived in Saudi Arabia where, a few years ago, this restaurant opened its first branch in Riyadh. Since then, it has fast become the go-to location for Turkish dinners and buffet lunches in the capital, prompting the opening of a second branch.

Gulluoglu Restaurant
Photo: Courtesy Of Gulluoglu Restaurant / Facebook

11) La Rustica

La Rustica is a cosy pizza parlour placed in the amazing Olaya area, Riyadh buzzy financial place famous for domestic landmarks such as the Kingdom Centre. This hidden gem is managed and run by a Saudi lady who learned the authentic art of pizza making in Naples and brought the flavor and the technique back home with her. With low-lit interiors and brick walls, this intimate establishment can seat a dozen tables – via a queue of people waiting for a table is a regular spec here, the food is actually value it.

La Rustica Restaurant
Photo: Courtesy Of La Rustica Restaurant / Facebook

12) Rococoa

A play on the words “Rococo” and “Cocoa”, the French-inspired Rococoa is an effusive dessert and dining experience. A Saudi take on French food, this sweet-tooth heaven is a part ice cream parlour, part patisserie and part chocolaterie. Everything is handmade to the highest of the standards and served in a perfect setting or delivered to your doorstep.

13) Anardana

When Andardana first start, its distinctive menu and sharing plates directly set it exclusively. Since then, the food has prevailed astonishingly consistent, while unfolding to reflect the burgeoning bounty prepared at the best restaurants in Riyadh in the Fahad Road. The food here takes motivation from realms from all over Asia, enabling the chef to play with cookeries, revive regular recipes and explore with items. Specialties that have become fixture on the card contain kadhai gosht, boneless chicken, and pappadums with different chutneys.

14) Maharaja

Driving city eaters a spectrum of definitely draw items, the chef compounds mutually his Indian heritage and his time absorbed in the canteens of different nations. Maharaja is an area that fosters analysis and discovery in the mess. Making voyages all over the realm and then practicing methods acquired overseas, Chef promises the food at Maharaja manifests territorial conventional items in compelling area approaches. The food is packed in zest with the highest excellence and artistic bestowal.

Maharaja Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Riyadh
Photo: Courtesy Of Maharaja Restaurant / Facebook

15) Nozomi

Japanese food is a must try and the go-to best restaurant for Japanese food in Riyadh is Nozomi. Nozomi is one of the top restaurants in Riyadh. It is on Dabbab street and their dishes have best balance of Asian for the Saudi flavor buds. It caters to people who favor food with substantial portions as well as people who love eating less and healthy food. It has also the background music which makes the food even more amazing. Their place provides them a lot of customers as people obviously need to renew their power so that they can continue their shooting spree. Anyway, the prices are considered a quite expensive.

Nozomi Japanese Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Riyadh
Photo: Courtesy Of Nozomi Japanese Restaurant / Facebook

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